YouTube Beauty Drama 2018: Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Jackie Aina

Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images For Sephora

JeffreeStar and Kat Von D. Photo: John Sciulli/GettyImages For Sephora

ButStar is far from being the only beauty YouTuber with a fondness for histrionics. His coworkers and rivals triggered lots of drama without him, too. As 2018 (lastly) wanes, we took the liberty of creating a month-by-month breakdown of the daytime soap that was the beauty vlogger universe.


  • WhenKylieCosmetics released its 30- shade series of concealers, responses were blended. Some applauded her while others noted she was simply piggybacking on the notorious ‘FentyEffect‘ When YouTube star JackieAina examined the collection, she included criticism that inadequate other individuals of color had actually gotten the collection to test, while white YouTubers like JamesCharles and Laura Lee had. “I would have loved to see any other dark-skin blogger, male or female, sent this product to be able to give the review on it,” she stated in her video
  • Later that month, Star (surprise!) gotten in touch with Kylie Jenner to excuse the quality of her brand-new brushes, which he considered substandard.
  • Soon after, though, Star was slamming the launch of CharlotteTilbury’sHollywoodFlawless Filter for what he viewed as a restricted seven-shade variety. Detractors explained that it was just suggested to be a guide and/or highlighter, and as such, 7 was really on the high-end of the shade variety for the item type.


  • ByMarch, Jenner’s group had actually had enough, and Star was eliminated from the Kylie Cosmetics PR list.
  • MannyGutierrez, aka Manny MUA’s unfavorable evaluation of Lashify, a high-end incorrect lash system, triggered the brand name’s creator, SaharaLotti, to bite back: “Honestly I do not understand what he believed [the lashes] were, however I need to keep in mind at the end of the day, he can have all the makeup he desires, however he’s still a man …Manny, you still a man, brother.” Obviously, individuals believed this was sexist, and Lotti eventually asked forgiveness.


  • After early influencer evaluations were uncomplimentary, JaclynHill & & Morphe pulled their 35- shade eye shadow partnership.
  • TheJeffree Star/KatVon D fight (which goes back to 2016) raised its unsightly head after somebody discussed among Von D’s videos, “Jeffree Star is watching this right now.” and Von D responded “Jeffree Who? ;)” Star reacted on Instagram Stories, commenting, “Just imagine for one second that you are me and someone that hated me so adamantly and made up so many false lies, is still making a profit off my name; that’s why I got a little upset.” (“Making a profit off my name” is a referral to a Kat Von D liquid lipstick shade called “Jeffree”).

TheAugust Fiasco

  • A substantial wave of drama unfolded when Star permitted fellow YouTuber ShaneDawson to produce a four-part YouTube docuseries about him In it, Star made remarks mentioning his previous fights with numerous members of the beauty YouTube beauty neighborhood: “With my ex-friends, people still don’t really know what went on. Why do I feel like they need to know? Because there’s so many versions of things that never happened out there….Half of the people still think I’m the bad guy, when I only loved and cared about all these people, boosted them up, and gave them all my connections, but I’m still the f**king bad guy.”
  • His ex-friends’ ears were burning and the documentary triggered among them, YouTuber Gabriel Zamora, to tweet an image with fellow beauty YouTubers LauraLee, NikitaDragun and Manny MUA — middle fingers up– captioned “Bitch is bitter because without him we’re doing better.”
  • Defending that tweet, presumed by a lot of regarding be an apparent dig at Star, Zamora followed up: “Imagine stanning a racist? I could never.”
  • Here’s where things got truly insane: Star’s army of fans (his YouTube channel boasts 11 million+ fans) took the rhetorical concern as an obstacle and rapidly resurfaced incriminating messages from Zamora and the others.
  • In late August, Star fans exposed racist tweets from Lee’s Twitter circa 2012: “Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster..” which triggered her to lose near half a countless her 5 million fans. Others consisted of offensive “jokes” about Chinese individuals and usage of the N-word, and, in 2013, she ‘d likewise published a series of fat-shaming tweets. The fallout was timely: Ulta cancelled the launch of her line, as did Diff glasses, and Boxycharm — though it did not pull her item– did provide a declaration.