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Looking for a budget-friendly diamond ring that satisfies your budget plan? Keep reading to discover composite diamonds, what to try to find when buying a composite diamond, and if this is the best design of ring for you.

What are Composite Diamonds?

Composite diamonds are numerous diamonds thoroughly set together producing a big diamond cluster or diamond shape. The diamonds themselves can be merged, glued, or set extremely close together. They are frequently merged together with 2 or more diamonds of equivalent or various, forming a distinct pattern. While standard rings provide a single diamond center stone, composite diamonds frequently have several stones and provide a sophisticated vintage appearance with elaborate information. This develops the appearance of a bigger diamond without jeopardizing the shimmer and luster of your diamond, frequently at a lower cost than a conventional diamond ring.

CaratWeight vs Total Carat Weight

Carat weight describes the special system of weight measurement or gems. This is the psychical weight of a specific diamond or gems, and among the 4Cs– color, cut, clearness, carat weight This is not to be puzzled with overall carat weight, which is a totally various measurement.

Total carat weight represents the overall weight of all diamonds or other gems in a piece of jewelry when more than one stone is utilized. It is essential to understand the overall carat weight in a composite diamond ring, which can then be compared versus the private carat weight of a single diamond to see how the costs compare. Sets of jewelry, or jewelry offered in sets, are normally offered utilizing TCW.

One carat is normally 200 mg, so a lower carat weight is an element that enters into a diamond or gems’s cost. Because composite rings are comprised of smaller sized diamonds that are lower in carat weight, they tend to be priced lower than a basic diamond ring.

Pros of Composite Diamonds

  1. Affordability and Price– if you are on a budget plan and still desire a stunning ring it’s difficult to discover a much better worth than a composite diamond
  2. Variety of Designs and Diamond Shapes a Single Stone Ring Doesn’ tOffer You can frequently discover special styles or shapes like a flower, oval, halo, chevron, or a cluster.
  3. Multiple various stones, and gems can be included into a composite ring, mimicing the look of a bigger stone
  4. Everyday wear to match an existing solitaire diamond ring or wedding event band in a solitaire color

Cons of Composite Diamonds

  1. HigherRepair Costs considering that there are frequently several diamonds or gems in various sizing clustered together
  2. Future worth can be restricted due to not having one single diamond, and rather several diamonds in a range of sizes

How to Take Care of a Composite Diamond Ring

Basic care for your ring will assist protect and safeguard your composite diamond ring for several years to come. Use dishwashing soap and warm water over your ring for finest outcomes. After rinsing, saving it in a cloth-lined jewelry box is perfect when you’re not using it.

AtBrilliant Earth, we provide a complimentary ring cleansing when a year on all rings purchased from us. We likewise provide a complimentary ring resize within 60 days of a purchase, if your ring does not fit appropriately.

When thinking about a composite diamond ring, think about future repair work expenses for loose or missing stones. A Brilliant Earth security strategy can assist with any unanticipated or required repair work to your ring.

CompositeDiamond Frequently Asked Questions

Are composite diamonds more cost effective than solitaire diamonds?

Typically composite diamonds are more cost effective than solitaire diamonds due to the sizing and carat weight of the diamonds utilized.

Are composite diamonds laboratory grown or natural?

Composite diamonds can be comprised of natural diamonds or laboratory diamonds. They can likewise be comprised of moissanite, cubic zirconia, or lab-grown diamonds. You can have a mix of natural just, laboratory just, or combined diamonds.

Do composite diamonds keep their worth?

Composite diamonds worth can change, nevertheless tend to keep their worth gradually if there are no imperfections or problems to the diamonds. It is a great concept to regularly get your diamonds/ jewelry evaluated.

What qualities should I think about when looking for a composite diamond?

  1. Maximizing shimmer and luster based upon the plan of the stones
  2. Variety and Uniqueness of Design– are you a minimalist or searching for a ring that stands out right away?
  3. Do you plan to use every day, or official events just? A composite diamond ring can be used every day to match your closet, along with set completely for your next night out.

Do the 4 Cs matter for composite diamonds?

The 4 Cs play a crucial function in the choice and rates for composite diamonds. You will would like to know the number of diamonds consist of the center stone in addition to their overall carat weight vs. carat weight of a single stone. Please read our diamond guide, for a total and extensive guide entering into higher information on diamonds and the 4C’s.

What is a doublet?

A doublet is when 2 diamonds or gems are merged to communicate the look of a standalone diamond or gems, frequently communicating a bigger look.


If you are searching for a big diamond ring without the substantial price? A composite diamond ring might be the response. These are our preferred spectacular composite diamond rings using the exact same shimmer and shine as a solitaire diamond ring