What the Top Trending Videos of 2018 Say About Canadians

As we fill our mugs with eggnog, put Mariah Carey on repeat and prepare to head into 2019, we begin contemplating this previous year in popculture You Tube Rewind– a yearly unveiling of leading trending videos broken down by nation– supplies a clear lens with which to recall at2018 What does our fascination with Deadpool 2, a household dance difficulty and CarpoolKaraoke state about us as a nation, and how do our clicks and views vary from those in America? Let’s have a look.

10 2018 United States Open Highlights: Serena Williams’ disagreement overshadows Naomi Osaka’s last win

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS like an excellent debate. But, we likewise like truths. When we checked out a heading that implicates SerenaWilliams of letting loose a furious tirade, we go to You Tube so we can assess the circumstance and form our own viewpoints.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: N/A


THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS treasure household worths and champ fellow Canadians– even when the material is garbage. The Eh Bee Family, the developers behind this video, are Vaughan, ON-based Internet characters (mama, father and 2 kids) with enormous followings on You Tube, Instagram andFacebook I could not make it 30 seconds into this video, however whatever it is they’re doing, it appears to be working.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: N/A

8. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS have an interest in what Elon Musk depends on. He’s almost Canadian, after all– which’s something that we make certain to raise whenever somebody discusses his name.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: N/A

7. The Royal Wedding 2018: Prince Harry andMs Meghan Markle

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS commemorate being a commonwealth country. We like the monarchy, and we like when an honorary Canadian discovers a method to wed into it. Did you understand Meghan Markle resided in Toronto for a number of years while shooting Suits? Of course you did, you inform every non-Canadian you fulfill.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: N/A

6. Deadpool, Meet Cable

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS need to truly, truly stan otherCanadians There is actually no other description for this Ryan Reynolds motion picture trailer making it to our top 10 list.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: N/A

5. Walmart yodeling kid

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS comprehend and value Americanculture Seriously, exists anything more American than a little cowboy singing bluegrass nation in a rural Walmart?

AmericanYou Tube Rank: 4

4. Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS likewise comprehend and value Britishculture This was one of the most seen You Tube video in the UK in 2018, however it didn’t even make it onto America’s top 10 list. Once once again, we discover ourselves someplace in the middle of the 2.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: N/A

3. Do You Hear “Yanny” or “Laurel”? (FIXED with SCIENCE)

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS like to see issues FIXED with SCIENCE, specifically by Canadian developers. We’re critical individuals who question whatever, even ourselves And then, we aim to You Tube for relatively skilled descriptions. Are these You Tube people professionals? Who truly understands. They’re Canadian and they’re persuading, which appears to be sufficient.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: 5

2. we separated

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS have an interest in the mindful uncoupling of 2 individuals I have actually actually never ever become aware of. According to KevinAllocca, head of culture and patterns at You Tube, “they’re like the Brangelina of the YouTube generation.” Okay, cool. So possibly this informs us Canadians like enjoying a relationship be torn apart? I’m unsure.

AmericanYou Tube Rank: 3

1. To Our Daughter

THIS INFORMS United States CANADIANS care simply as much about the Kardashian/Jenners as everybody else And that, in the words of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was possibly “the best kept secret of our generation.”

AmericanYou Tube Rank: 1