What Are Brilliant Earth Diamonds: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

As you start the jewelry purchasing procedure, you might have a concern (or numerous concerns) about diamonds; how to understand which diamond is best, where they originate from, and what the distinction is in between natural diamonds and laboratory grown diamonds And at Brilliant Earth, our diamonds are particularly distinct: each stone we provide is BeyondConflict Free ™, significance that its origins exceed market requirements to end up being really ethical and sustainable. While we advise browsing our DiamondBuying Guide for extensive responses to all your diamond concerns, continue reading here to comprehend the ins-and-outs of the Brilliant Earth distinction.

What is the Purpose of Brilliant Earth?

AtBrilliant Earth, our objective is to cultivate a more transparent, sustainable, caring, and inclusive jewelry market. Our function is to develop jewelry you can feel excellent about using, without ever jeopardizing in between quality and conscience.

WhatAre Brilliant Earth Diamonds?

We use numerous various kinds of diamonds– laboratory grown, naturally mined, and recycled diamonds— all of which are licensed as Beyond Conflict Free ™. Beyond Conflict Free ™ Diamonds exceed the jewelry market’s ethical requirements to use stones that are thoroughly chosen for their ethical and ecologically accountable origins.

DoesBrilliant Earth Sell Lab Diamonds or Natural Diamonds?

We offer both laboratory diamonds and natural diamonds. Our laboratory diamond variety is among the biggest choices readily available industry-wide, enabling clients to pick a stone that matches their choices in regards to shape, fluorescence, along with the 4 C’s: cut, color, carat, and clearness Our natural diamond variety is likewise comprehensive, accommodating clients looking for morally sourced stones mined from theEarth Many of our natural diamonds are likewise recycled, implying they were formerly set and after that unset to end up being a brand-new style– enabling a really low-carbon, ethical origin.

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AreBrilliant Earth Diamonds Real?

Absolutely Our diamonds, whether they’re naturally mined, or laboratory grown, are genuine diamonds. Lab diamonds are simply as genuine as natural diamonds– in truth, they’re made from the precise very same carbon particles as their natural equivalents. As laboratory and natural diamonds share the exact same structure, their last cuts likewise look precisely the exact same (unlike diamond stimulants, such as moissanites, which include a definitely rainbow-colored shine, or cubic zirconia, which is a lot more dull). The just distinction is how they arrived– deep in the earth or grown to excellence in a laboratory. Otherwise, you will not have the ability to inform if a diamond is ‘real’ or inform if its laboratory grown based upon appearances alone.

WhereDoes Brilliant Earth Get Their Diamonds?

We use diamonds developed in laboratories, recycled diamonds that had a previous life as another jewelry style, and natural diamonds from mines in Canada and parts ofAfrica Each of our providers shows a robust chain of custody procedure for their diamonds so we have the capability to track and segregate diamonds based upon origin. Our providers are needed to source diamonds that stem from particular mine operators who follow globally acknowledged labor, trade, and ecological requirements.

DoesBrilliant Earth Have Natural Diamonds?

Yes, we do! We use a substantial choice of natural diamonds varying in distinct mixes of cut, color, clearness, and carat so that our clients can discover precisely what they’re searching for. All of our natural diamonds are licensed as Beyond Conflict Free ™, exhibiting our dedication to securing versus human rights abuses, lessening ecological destruction, preserving safe and accountable labor practices, supporting neighborhood advancement, and not funding rebel motions.

DoesBrilliant Earth Have GIA Certified Diamonds?

Yes! Many of our diamonds are licensed by the GemologicalInstitute of America(GIA). Our other diamonds are licensed by the InternationalGemological Institute(IGI) and the GemCertification & & Assurance Lab(GCAL). Each of these organizations holds authority over diamond grading and are sources of understanding, requirements, and education in both gems and jewelry.

AreBrilliant Earth Diamonds Cheaper?

Our diamonds are priced relatively and at market rates for each stone’s private carat weight and rankings in cut, color, and clearness. While laboratory diamonds are physically similar to natural diamonds, they are usually more economical, making them a much better option for anybody searching for a bigger stone on a smaller sized budget plan.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

IsBrilliant Earth Ethical?

Yes Our ethical practices exceed market requirements to offer our clients with high-grade styles that do not jeopardize their ethical and sustainable worths.

DoesBrilliant Earth Sell Quality Diamonds?

Yes We just offer high-grade diamonds that are ranked as J color and greater, SI2 and greater, Fair cut and greater, implying that any stone you see on our website is an exceptional option to embed in your engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry

AreBrilliant Earth Diamonds Fake?

No, our diamonds are 100% genuine. Both natural and laboratory grown diamonds are ‘real’ as they are both developed from the exact same carbon particles.

DoesBrilliant Earth Make Real Diamonds?

Yes, all of our diamonds are genuine. While we are not accountable for ‘making’ them ourselves, each of the diamonds that we source are 100% genuine and stem from incredibly ethical mines and labs.

WhereDo Brilliant Earth Lab Diamonds Come From?

Our laboratory diamonds originate from vetted, extremely managed labs that go through a substantial screening procedure.

DoBrilliant Earth Diamonds Have Resale Value?

Our diamonds have the exact same resale worths that a comparable diamond from another business would have. Generally, natural diamonds have much better resale worth than laboratory diamonds, though this will differ considerably depending upon the quality of the diamond itself.

AreNatural Diamonds Better Than Lab Created Diamonds?

Neither is much better than the other: it’s a really individual choice. Some clients choose natural diamonds as they are sourced from the Earth and are thought about exceptionally uncommon. Others choose laboratory as they keep the exact same physical look as natural diamonds however can be acquired at a better rate point.

DoYou Need an Appointment to Go to Brilliant Earth?

Nope! Come in and see us. While visits are advised for anybody wishing to see a particular item or diamond, we’re likewise open up to stroll ins and delighted to aid with whatever you require.


The crucial part of the diamond purchasing procedure is validating that your brand-new shimmer isn’t hurting another person or another thing– like the Earth we live in. Here at Brilliant Earth, you can feel great that any diamond you select, be it laboratory or natural, is vetted and totally morally and sustainably sourced. Still curious about more diamond details? Check out these diamond realities or read our 2022Mission Report to read more about Brilliant Earth.

Wishing you a terrific diamond purchasing journey!