What are Art Deco Engagement Rings? A Comprehensive Guide

vintage art deco engagement ring

Buying vintage Art Deco engagement rings can be a twisted and complicated procedure, particularly over theInternet Educating yourself and your better half about the rings from this period will assist provide you the self-confidence and comfort required to make what can be a really challenging purchase.

ArtDeco Era History

TheArt Deco duration happened in the early 1900’s throughout World War I, the Roaring Twenties, and the start of the GreatDepression Right around 1915 white gold appeared on the industrial market. This is a crucial time marker since if you are taking a look at an antique ring that is white gold (not platinum), you understand that it does not precede 1910-1920

This duration is the very first period to genuinely accept the engagement ring as we understand it today, which is why we see more diamond rings from this duration than we would the Edwardian or Belle Epoque durations.


Likewise, diamond rings were readily available to the basic population for the very first time and might be bought out of a brochure.While the economy was thriving, so too was the jewelry market, so each piece was carefully crafted, frequently in Rhode Island or some other big jewelry making city. The filigree detailing carried out in the 1920’s and ’30 s has actually ended up being renowned and is almost difficult to recreate with the very same degree of crisp resourcefulness today.


Steps to acquiring an antique Art Deco Engagement Ring:

  1. Set a practical spending plan with sensible expectations. You can get a quality treasure anywhere from $200– $15,000 depending upon what you can manage and what fits your taste.
  2. Decide whether you wish to purchase in your area or on the web.Internet buying is hard since you can’t technically try out a ring, however the benefits are you generally save money on sales tax and expenses are usually less due to less overhead.
  3. Research various suppliers.Start book marking various stores and reading their feedback or yelp evaluations. You wish to make certain whoever you are going to buy from has a great credibility with excellent regards to sale. The supplier is the one who is going to have the ability to validate your treasure! It is necessary to feel great you are getting what they state they are offering.
  4. Pinterest! An excellent method to limit a specific design of filigree or art deco ring is to make a pinterest board. Seeing them all side by side will assist you limit your alternatives.
  5. After you research study variations in between expense and quality, provided you have some understanding on diamond grading and worths, you are prepared to treat yourself or the one you enjoy to a stunning piece of history.

vintage art deco engagement rings

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CommonDiamond Cuts: Round Brilliant, Round Transitional, Old European Cut.

vintage art deco engagement rings
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