Ulta Is Facing a Major Lawsuit After Claims That They Resell Used Makeup

Updated: February 10, 2018

A California local is taking legal action against Ulta Beauty and looking for class-action status for what she declares is Ulta’s “widespread and surreptitious practice” of repackaging returned and utilized items and putting them back on the rack to cost complete cost with unopened items.

“Every customer who has purchased cosmetics at Ulta since this practice began was put at risk of unwittingly purchasing used, unsanitary cosmetics and this risk reduces the desirability and value of all cosmetics sold by Ulta,” the suit declares.

As theChicago Tribune reports, Kimberley Laura Smith-Brown bought lots of cosmetics from the beauty seller consisting of eye liner, mascara and lip balm at an Ulta shop over the previous 6 months– all prior to the listed below reports of the reselling of utilized and opened makeup went viral.

“We are aware of the lawsuit, and intend to vigorously defend against the allegations,”Ulta Beauty spokesperson Karen Twigg May stated Friday in an e-mail. “Our policies, training and procedures are aimed at selling only the highest-quality new products in our stores and online. The health and safety of Ulta Beauty guests is a top priority, and we strive to consistently deliver an optimal experience every time they shop with us.”

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Originally released: January 11, 2018

Ulta staff members throughout the nation will alter the method you patronize the beauty seller, and this time it’s not with under-the-radar item suggestions. Workers are declaring the seller continuously cleans up, repackages and resells utilized makeup.

The claims started on Twitter, when previous Ulta staff member @fatinamxo began a now viral thread describing how she was asked to repackage and reshelve unsanitized and returned product (varying from makeup to hair tools) for brand-new clients to purchase.

Knowing some readers would dismiss the claims as incorrect, she offered pictures: among an utilized structure stick, which was later on tidied up with a Q-tip and later on reshelved, and another of a lipstick scheme she was informed to “tidy with alcohol” and restock.

“They even taught us how to clean eyeshadow palettes and let them dry overnight,” she described, including that in this manner, they might be repackaged and offered the next day. The factor for this habits, as numerous previous staff members have actually given that mentioned on Twitter, is the seller’s desire for supervisors to “decrease their shrinking.”

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After her tweets went viral (some have actually gotten more than 1,000 retweets), other staff members who experienced the exact same things started connecting to her. One previous staff member declared her supervisor utilized a blow-dryer to smooth a returned eyebrow pomade so it would appear like brand-new; another stating she would damage the items once the clients returned them so supervisors would not have the ability to “fix” them. Even even worse, somebody else stated they have actually operated at 3 different Ulta shops and the habits was the exact same at each.

As StyleCaster reports, Ulta started responding to a few of the clients who chimed in with their own stories on the matter. The seller rejected any misbehavior and ensured that the business does not resell utilized items. They likewise provided a declaration to Revelist rejecting the resale of any utilized or opened product.

“The health and safety of our guests is a top priority for Ulta Beauty and we take these matters very seriously. Ulta Beauty’s practices do not allow the resale of any items that have been opened and/or used. The actions described appear to be inconsistent with our practices and we are currently looking into this matter,” the declaration checked out.

A strong idea we discovered from scrolling through this thread: swatch your makeup in-store, then purchase it online That will ensure your item is coming straight from the business’s stock storage facility and has actually never ever been tested/used.