Twist Engagement Rings – 10 Top Diamond Twist Rings

Twist engagement rings– a guide to the most popular twist ring settings

Our primary image reveals a bespoke twist engagement ring, produced through tailor-made style readily available at SerendipityDiamonds

What is a Twist engagement ring?

A twist engagement ring usually includes a sweeping result in the claws or shoulders of the ring. This lovely ring style functions within our most popular engagement rings. Typically, we develop this design as a white gold engagement ring. In addition, we develop Platinum twist settings. Finally we develop twist styles in 18 ct yellow gold and increased gold.

Many variations of the twist exist. For example, a partial spiral turn makes a look in numerous twist styled engagement rings. Furthermore, this easy styling function includes streaming motion.

The addition of micro-set diamonds into twisted shoulders comes through modern-day jewellery setting strategies. Diamonds as little as 1mm function within the Burlesque ring style as revealed listed below.

Why has the twist solitaire engagement ring ended up being so popular?

When it pertains to the easy styling of a solitaire diamond ring, the addition of a twist includes interest without over-complicating the style. In addition, numerous twist diamond rings sit lower on the finger. As an outcome, numerous twist styled rings provide functionality for everyday wear.

The twist style has actually been popular for centuries and an crucial function in jewellery style Incidentally, the twist engagement ring setting is seen in all types of jewellery– not simply engagement rings.

Burlesque twist engagement ring with twisted diamond shoulders

The‘Burlesque’ twist engagement ring includes contoured diamond set shoulders.

Popular 4 claw twist engagement rings

The Classic Four Claw Twist Engagement RingThe initial twist engagement ring style stays the most popular style to date This is still our finest selling engagement ring. Why? Because “Twist” as we call this style, mixes an easy twirl with a smartly low setting, from narrowing shoulders. The comfy courted band on this style is significant yet fragile. This design likewise takes advantage of a coordinating shaped wedding event ring, pre-designed for benefit.

Tension set engagement rings with a twist

Tension Style Twist Engagement RingIn a nutshell, this incredibly easy style sends to the need for an easy, very little setting– one that enables light to actually flood through the diamond. Many think that if you’re buying a stunning diamond, the setting must do the absolute best to flaunt the luster. This ring style exposes the majority of the diamond with remarkable result. The twist result stress design setting of Unity is constructed around your diamond, to make sure an accuracy fit.

Compass set engagement rings with twist settings

Compass Twist SettingCompass settings protect a diamond by placing claws at primary points, North, East, South andWest This contrasts with the standard squared plan of claws or prongs. The initial twist setting (see above) and the Pirouette ring style both include a compass plan of claws. Pirouette varies by bridging each claw with a discreet under-bezel for extra strength.

Six claw twist settings

Six Claw Twist RingThe 6 claw twist, provides higher security for comfort. Although 4 claws stay very popular, for big diamonds, 6 claws protect the diamond around the external edge. Generally, for smaller sized diamonds, 4 claws are usually advised permitting more of the diamond to be seen.

Twist ring designs with diamond shoulders

Twist with Inclined Diamond ShouldersThe addition of diamonds on each shoulder, includes a charming shimmer that finishes the appearance of a completed ring. Our twist engagement ring collection would never ever be total without a diamond shoulder variation. For example, Burlesque elegantly mixes the twist setting with fragile, grain set shoulders, wonderfully contoured for a genuinely special appearance.

Engagement rings with split twist shoulders

The Split Twist Engagement RingBy now, you will no doubt understand simply the number of various styles exist for the twist setting. “Sway” provides the user the opportunity of uniqueness, by dividing each shoulder, weaving the split band with striking outcomes.

Princess cut twist engagement ring

Princess Twist Engagement RingDespite the modern-day round dazzling cut diamond being the most popular diamond shape, the princess cut follows carefully behind. For circumstances, “Florence” embraces the compass styled plan of claws, within an efficient twist style. This design needs a near completely square diamond.

Marquise twist engagement ring

Marquise Twist Engagement RingWe develop each marquise twist engagement ring around your selected stone This stylish twist design is most remarkable, owing to the higher range in between each shoulder. Fine ‘V’ shaped claws safeguard the diamond points. In addition, you may question wedding event rings ideal for such a style. Our fitted wedding event ring service makes sure an ideal fitted wedding event ring, including higher uniqueness.

Pear- formed twist diamond rings

Twist Design to Suit a Pear Shaped DiamondThere is something stunning about the pear-shaped diamond. Beyond rounded edges the eye draws to the specified idea. Beautifully a Pear shape appears specified within this 3 claw setting. In addition, we craft and develop extremely detailed and customised shaped wedding event rings to fit. Compared to a basic band, a fitted ring makes best sense.

The 3 stone twist engagement ring

Three Stone Twist Engagement RingsInspired by our 4 claw round solitaire twist style, the 3 stone trilogy twist develops a completely brand-new, and special ring style. Each diamond rests along a distinct design with 3 interwoven twist settings streaming from one shoulder to the other perfectly throughout the ring. As an outcome of innovative CAD style, styling is restricted just by creativity.

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