TWIGGY 60s LOOK – Vintage Life Magazine

Take a look at a modern twist on a vintage look… to prepare the skin, first cleanse the skin to ensure all previous makeup and impurities are removed; leaving a blank canvas ready to get painted! Then tone the skin to close any pores that were opened by the cleanser to prevent the makeup from clogging those pesky pores, and helping prevent breakouts. Toner is also another way to remove impurities.

This prep is a key element to this look, as I will be focusing on mainly clear skin; there is no contouring with this look (shocking, I know!) I have used Elemis products here on our model’s skin, as I find these the best in terms of the results. However, don’t worry too much, there are much cheaper alternatives out there as, trust me, I know these can be pricey!

Eyebrows & Eyes

Starting with the eyebrows, I used a brown eyebrow gel from Illamasqua with an angled eyeliner/brow brush from the same brand, in order to create an eyebrow shape to compliment the model’s face. Then, using Select cover up from MAC in shade ‘NW15’ on a MAC ‘252’ brush, I carved out the eyebrow to create a sharper line and enhance the definition of the brow.

I then used the remaining Select cover up with the same brush to cover the entire eyelid to give a good base to the eyeshadow and, thus, priming the lid.

Using ‘Nylon’ eyeshadow by MAC, I added highlight to the tear duct area and under the brow on the brow bone. Highlighter is applied to the tear duct, as it is the darkest part of one’s face. This is in order to brighten this area. Highlighter is applied to the brow bone (beneath the eyebrow) to give the illusion that the eyebrow is higher.

Using a light shade from Urban Decay Naked 2 pallete, I covered the lid to set the Select cover up so that it didn’t move when I applied the eyeliner shape. This also helps to prevent any creasing.

Using Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’, I mapped out a fine winged liner along the cut crease to the shape desired in order to replicate Twiggy’s signature look.

Ensure to take your sweet time with this, as this eyeliner is particularly thin and very easy to become messy. It is within the cut crease and thus, at higher risk of smudging if you open your eye before completely set.

Using ‘White Chromaline’ from MAC, I then used the same ‘252’ MAC brush to apply a white base below the liner shape and then added the eyeshadow shade ‘Sex’ from Illamasqua to set the White Chromaline and to create an even more intense white.

After the white was completely set, I then applied a line of eyeliner across the top of the lid next to the lash line; continuing down the tear duct again to mimic the desired Twiggy look.

I used the same White Chromaline to fill in the bottom water line and under the lash line. This makes the eye look much bigger and brighter. I then used the “Tattoo” Kat Von D liner again to line the bottom of the white under the eyelashes to create the new bottom of the eye. We have filled in the bottom waterline to extend the whites of the eyes with the White Chromaline and thus need a new endpoint. Whenever I have applied Chromaline, I set it with the eyeshadow ‘Sex’ from Illamasqua.

Once I completed this, I then added Eldora lashes in style ‘B151’ to the top lash line to enlarge the eyes further. I then added individual lashes upside-down to the bottom line I created under the bottom lash line. I did this to give a modern edge to the traditional Twiggy look. This is as – fun fact – Twiggy used to paint her lower lashes on!


Using a Spectrum foundation brush, I applied Smashbox ‘Photo Ready’ primer all over the face. Then, using the same foundation brush, I applied Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ foundation in shade ‘1.5’ all over the face; blending in the edges of the eyes for a seamless finish. I then set the foundation using Laura Mercier translucent powder.

I used a small amount of Urban Decay ‘Beached Bronzer’ to bronze the cheeks the smallest amount to add depth to the skin, but without contouring the face as I believe this would not have created the desired look.

Using the Illamasqua blusher in shade ‘Lover’, I applied a small amount of blusher to the apple of the cheeks, again, just to give the face a flush of colour so it wasn’t flat but not to overload with colour as this would take away from the dramatics of the eyes.


Now, this bit was super easy. We wanted to keep the lips nice and simple so as to not take away from the eyes; keeping it very virginal/girl next door. We opted for NYX intense butter glosses in shade ‘Tres Leche’ as this is a marginally pink nude. This means that the lips were not disappearing into the face, but were also not too eye catching.

This completes my take on the Twiggy look. I hope this was helpful for those of you wishing to recreate this look at home!

Words: India Clutton – NV Beauty
Makeup: Nastassja Clutton – NV Beauty
Hair: Phil State – Peter Walsh Hairdressing
Photography – Damian McGillicuddy