Tips to Make a Diamond Look Bigger

Looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring with standout shimmer? You’ll more than happy to understand there are a variety of methods to take full advantage of the look of your ring.

Some diamond engagement ring consumers make the error of looking just at the carat weight of the center diamond as a sign of the last appearance– however it’s definitely not the only variable to think about. While a big center diamond might not fit within everybody’s spending plan, there are still a lot of methods to make your ring appear striking and substantial. To assistance couples investigating engagement ring settings, we have actually gathered some handy pointers and techniques to make your diamond ring appear bigger and more gleaming.

1. Focus on Cut

We suggest focusing on cut when picking your diamond! More than carat weight, clearness, or color, absolutely nothing figures out a diamond’s general beauty more than its cut. The ability with which a diamond is cut figures out how well it shows and refracts light, which in turn will identify just how much fire, shimmer, and sparkle your diamond has. A well-cut diamond will typically appear bigger than a poorly-cut diamond of the very same carat weight with boosted color and clearness.

2. Fancy Diamond Shapes

Round diamonds are the most fantastic, timeless, and popular shape for diamond engagement rings, however are typically the most costly diamond shape per carat weight. Fancy shaped diamonds– any shape apart from round– are terrific options for those aiming to make their ring appear bigger or more distinct. Elongated shapes like oval, emerald, pear, marquise, and glowing diamonds have more area per carat weight than round diamonds do, making them appear to use up more realty on your finger.

3. Hello Halo

Like a visual fallacy, surrounding your center diamond with a halo of smaller sized gleaming diamonds will contribute to the general effect of your diamond ring, making the center stone appear bigger.

4. Settings with Pav é Diamond Bands

The“pavé” setting originates from the French word for “pave,” significance paved with diamonds. By setting little diamond accents close together along the band with very little exposure of the metal, the result is among constant shimmer.

5. Three Stone Rings

Because of their romantic importance of a couple’s past, present, and future, 3 stone rings have actually long been a popular option; however they have actually ended up being much more sought-after because PrinceHarry proposed to Meghan Markle Three stone designs include 2 smaller sized diamond accents welcoming the center diamond, making the center diamond appear bigger and more spectacular. The carefully tapered band of the TaperedThree Stone Diamond Ring does much more to draw the eye to the center diamond, offering the it a bigger appearance.

6. Delicate Bands

Slender and fragile bands will make your center diamond appear bigger on the other hand. Some rings like the LyraDiamond Ring integrate numerous of these aspects consisting of a small band and scalloped pavé diamond accents in a 3 stone setting.

7. Intricate Details

Beautiful detailing like hand inscribed styles, milgrain, and glossy beads of rare-earth element will contribute to the general shimmer and visual interest of your ring.

8. Consider a Lab Created Diamond

Lab diamonds have the very same physical, chemical, and optical residential or commercial properties as mined diamonds, however typically come at a lower rate point. Man made deal outstanding worth, and are a little more budget friendly than natural diamonds of equivalent size and quality. They are likewise an accountable option considered that no brand-new mining is needed!

9. Regular Cleaning

Once you have your diamond ring, keeping it tidy will assist keep its look and shimmer. A ring that is run down will look dull and less outstanding than a gleaming tidy diamond. For an at-home service, jewelry cleaner, polishing fabrics, or a couple of drops of meal soap in warm water need to work simply great! After cleansing, usage just soft, lint-free fabrics to dry your rings and eliminate any excess oil and movie. Always take care to prevent snags when drying!

10 Consider a Diamond Alternative

While diamonds are still the most popular gems utilized in engagement rings, other gems and diamond options are ending up being significantly searched for. Moissanites are a popular diamond simulant, and their strength and shimmer make them a fantastic choice for jewelry you intend on using for a very long time. Sapphires are the 2nd hardest gems after diamonds and can be found in numerous colors– consisting of white– making them another terrific option for engagement ring settings. However, colored gems engagement rings are likewise a popular pattern, with stars like KatyPerry, Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Wilde, Kate Middleton, and Victoria Beckham all sporting sensational engagement rings with colored gems.


Which of these pointers did you discover most handy? Do you have a preferred from the designs noted above? Let us understand on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or leave us a remark listed below!