This Trendy Natural Beauty Ingredient Has a Major Counterfeiting Problem

Only17% of the mānuka honey that makes it onto shop racks is genuine.

Skin- care lovers– myself consisted of– tend towards embellishment. Every brand-new, mildy buzzworthy component gets hailed as “a miracle cream!” or “my Holy Grail!” or “liquid gold!” In the case of mānuka honey, however, the buzz is genuine (actually– it’s a by-product of bees) and “liquid gold” isn’t much of an exaggeration, either.

High need has actually prompted what professionals are calling the “ mānuka gold rush,” total with its really own variation of fool’s gold: fake, mislabeled and watered down kinds of the in-demand component. An remarkable 83% of mānuka on the marketplace isn’t as pure or powerful as it declares to be, according to the most current numbers readily available. Considering the beauty organisation is at least partially to blame for the component’s increase to popularity, it pleads the concern: What’s actually inside that brand-new “mānuka” moisturizer? And what makes this bee by-product worth counterfeiting?