This Montreal- based Singer’s New Music Video Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

“The tune has to do with missing out on somebody far, so recording it in selfie mode on iPhone X made it feel individual.”

Capturing simply what life’s like for artists on the roadway, far from friends and family for weeks at a time, is Canadian singer/songwriter Charlotte Cardin’s brand-new video for her single ‘California.’

“Miss you every day, LA got me so sad,” go the lyrics of the dreamy, sluggish track. “I wanna kiss your face, tonight it drives me mad.” And then: “But you’re standing where I’m not/ Oh where I’m not/ in California.”

The whole video is shot on an iPhone, and consists of shots of Cardin on the roadway in the Golden State, carrying out in poorly lit locations, relaxing in bed, sprinkled with shots of the ocean, palm trees and clear California skies. The series of clips consists of iPhone video footage and FaceTime calls, combined in with material from her Snapchats and InstagramStories


“I chose to film the music video ‘California’ while on tour, and mostly in California, as it felt rude not to,’ says Cardin. “The song is about missing someone far away, so filming it in selfie mode on iPhone X made it feel personal. The hours I spend on FaceTime on tour talking to my loved ones who I miss dearly, it felt accurate and honest to make a music video out of it.”

You can enjoy the complete (vertical) video listed below: