This is Why Rose Cut Diamonds are Underrated

Rose cut diamonds are the awful action sis of the fine jewelry world. Well, a minimum of that’s what some individuals would lead you to think.

It takes a specific kind of individual to fall for this stone. Likewise, some trend-setting jewelry designers have actually brought this cut down recently since of its out-of-the-box beauty and cost.

For those people that appreciate antique jewelry, we’re fortunate adequate to have lots of increased cut diamonds to pick from in Georgian and Victorian period jewelry.

This guide will go through whatever you must understand if you remain in the marketplace for a rose cut. More than anything, the hope is that this details advances your gratitude for this unique, heirloom-worthy diamond that rather actually shines from within.

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

An increased cut diamond has a faceted, dome-shaped top and a flat bottom. In contrast, a round fantastic cut diamond has a flat top and a faceted, pointed bottom.

Unlike the fantastic cut that has 58 aspects, a rose cut diamond has 24 aspects. The variety of aspects in addition to the shallow cut makes increased cut diamonds shimmer a lot less.

These stones can be found in various sizes and shapes, though the most typical shape is round. Other shapes consist of marquise, pear, and oval.

Smaller stones have considerably less aspects than bigger ones, with as couple of as 3 aspects on the surface area. Since jewelry experts generally cut these stones by hand, the aspect size, shape, and position differs.


The very first diamonds ever set into jewelry were kept extremely comparable to their rough nature. Basically, the diamond was mined and cracked at. A jewelry expert might have polished or sculpted the edges prior to setting, however that had to do with it.

Eventually, diamond cutting progressed and the rose cut was established. This brand-new cutting strategy produced diamonds that were much flashier and brighter than a rough diamond without much improvement. The very first variations began with as couple of as 3 aspects and grew in intricacy in time.

As diamond cutters included more aspects to the surface area of the rose cut throughout the years, they found that diamonds have an inherent capability to shine.

Historians hypothesize that increased cut diamonds acquired their prestige in the jewelry world around the 15 th century and stayed a preferred strategy till the birth of the miner cut and the old European cut diamond in the 18 th and 19 th centuries.

Most of the antique jewelry on the marketplace today with this diamond cut originates from the Georgian period. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that since of the current gratitude for this stone, numerous recreations have actually flooded the marketplace Watch out!

Reasons to Buy

  • Rose cut diamonds appear to radiance from within and use big flashes of light that are stunning in their own right.
  • You can purchase a a lot more considerable looking diamond for less loan. Since the bottom is flat, a 6mm increased cut stone will weigh a lot less carats than a 6mm round fantastic cut stone.
  • Low clearness and color grade diamonds look fantastic when they are increased cut.
  • There is a lots of historic significance that occurs with this diamond cut.
  • Many if not the majority of these diamonds are hand cut, even the ones made today.

Did this guide aid you find out more about increased cut diamonds? If there is anything we missed out on, let us understand in the remarks listed below. Also, take a look at a few of our present favorites and link some increased cut jewelry you have actually been appreciating.

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