This Beachy Perfume Makes Me Smell Like Kate Bosworth

Born out of a cooperation with popular perfumers CarlosHuber (of ARQUISTE Parfumeur) and RodrigoFlores-Roux( the male behind Clinique “Happy”), Vacation developed “HOLIDAY” as the scent version of its cult-favorite SPF (aka “TheWorld’s Best-SmellingSunscreen“). The bottle is glamorous in a retro way that brings to mind the vanity display of some Floridian grandmother — which makes sense for the Miami-based brand — and is filled with a potion that’s described as possessing the ability to immerse you in the “SunscreenExperience.” This unmatched experience is caught through the more anticipated notes of coconut, banana, pineapple, and orange bloom coupled with the more unforeseen notes of swimming pool water, swimming pool toys, and swimwear lycra.

At very first spritz, I was struck with an unique mix of coconut and banana notes. The pineapple and orange bloom were much lighter in contrast however still present sufficient to cut the creamier layers with juicy freshness. The quirkier bottom notes (swimming pool water, lycra, and sea salt), although at first less obvious, handled a more interesting existence as the hours endured. Together, the leading to heart and bottom notes swelled into an aroma that was wonderfully transformative. Vacation took me to the beach– however not one where my mama was powerfully spraying me down with Banana BoatSport Instead, I discovered myself inHawaii Perhaps it was a beach on the NorthShore Perhaps it was circa 2002 and Kate Bosworth existed surfing a swell. It was lively however advanced and genuine. It was intoxicating without feeling cloying or campy. It stuck around on my wrists and decolletage rather of fading away throughout the day. I was covered in sense of being sun-kissed and windswept from the salted air rather of pale and bleary-eyed from gazing into my computer system screen.