The True Meaning of November’s Birthstones

The True Meaning of November’s Beautiful Birthstones

November children are a fortunate lot, since the November birthstones– citrine and topaz– been available in an amazing range of colors and are fairly budget friendly. So go on and drop tips about a huge piece of birthstone jewelry in the color of your option!

Shopping for a November birthday? With a large range of shades and designs, you have actually got great deals of choices. For the low-down on these richly-colored November birthstone gems, continued reading.

Citrine: Health & & Wealth in Rich Colors

Citrine is a quartz gems discovered in golden tones varying from pale yellow to deep brownish orange. As among the more budget friendly gems, citrine produces a great option if you desire an attractive ring or pendant with a bigger gems. Citrine appears often in Edwardian and ArtDeco engagement rings


This gem is likewise referred to as “healing quartz,” since legend has it that citrine promotes vigor and energy in whomever uses it. And, according to the Chinese feng shui viewpoint, citrine develops wealth and abundance. While we can’t ensure health and wealth will be presents with purchase, we do believe FireCitrine ™ Stud Earrings make an outstanding birthday present for enthusiastic November- born Scorpios.

The name for “Citrine” originates from the Latin root for “lemon,” and it’s not surprising that that this bright and golden stone has actually been believed to be a recovery crystal that brings joy, health, energy, and success. For centuries, citrine has actually likewise believed to ground and get rid of negativeness– so this is the best gems for those looking for great vibes just!

Topaz: Symbol of Love in Favorite Hues

Topaz is a difficult silicate mineral which gets its color from pollutants or flaws in its crystal structures, which turn it stunning tones of yellow, blue, red, green, brown, violet and pink. Topaz can likewise be colorless, and colorless topaz is typically warmed to develop blue gems (most blue topaz isn’t natural– the color is developed through treatment). The most important and costly tones of topaz are deep orange with pink undertones called Imperial topaz, called after the Russian czars of the 19 th century, and yellow-colored brown color called sherry topaz.


The topaz birthstone represents love and love, and is stated to bestow strength and intelligence on the individual who uses it, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, and a present of blue topaz is stated to be a pledge of love and fidelity.

Topaz and Citrine’s Famous Fans

Both of the November birthstones have a royal supporter in the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (who was born in January, however perhaps garnet isn’t her favorite?). If you glimpsed her engagement images with Prince William you might have presumed that her glittery pavé drop earrings were diamond, however they were in fact made from white topaz (the “Hope Egg” style by Links of London). The Duchess likewise has a preferred set of cushion-cut citrine drop earrings by Kiki McDo nough, a popular British (however obviously) jewelry designer, and has actually appeared in white topaz and blue topaz earrings by McDo nough.We believe topaz and citrine are an ideal fit with the Duchess’s down-to-earth beauty, since they’re almost as stunning as more costly valuable gems however with a more practical cost.


Citrine has likewise had bursts of appeal in the Victorian Era, when queen Victoria included citrine components to her her collection of royaljewelry In the golden era of early Hollywood, international stars like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford notoriously used attractive citrine pieces.


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