The Special Meaning Behind the ‘Sherman’sShowcase Black History Month Spectacular … in June’ Costumes

In the very first episode of “Sherman’s Showcase,” a musical sketch funny series that premiered last summertime on IFC, executive manufacturer and routine visitor star JohnLegend opened with an introduction narrative: “For over forty years, ‘Sherman’s Showcase’ has been a revolutionary Black music, slash dance, slash entertainment program — unlike anything else on TV, except… for several other shows.”

Next came a “StarWars“- like crawl of throwback credits teasing the sharp, top-level, yet often unreasonable, pop-culture- referential humor: “Solid Gold,” “Soul Train,” “MTV’s The Grind with Eric Nies,” “A John and ChrissyChristmas Special,” “TheCrown(season 1)” and “Power (do you watch it? It’s great).” Which makes me ask: Do you watch “Sherman’s Showcase?” Because it’s more than fantastic. The very first season is presently streaming on Hulu, and a one-hour unique entitled “Sherman’s Showcase Black History Month Spectacular … in June” airs tonight.