The peaceful beauty of the Rachel Atherley Peacock collection.

I’m frequently a fan of detailed, in-depth jewelry– specifically from years passed– however often I stumble upon a contemporary collection that utilizes simpleness to such excellent result that it simply blows my mind. Rachel Atherley’s Peacock Collection is an ideal example of this type of structured creative luster.

Flourite and gold earrings from the Rachel Atherley Peacock collection.

I initially saw this collection on RachelAtherley’s Instagram quiiiite a while earlier and I have actually been low essential consumed with it since.

Do you see what I indicate by by fantastic simpleness? Large, faceted gems spears set thoroughly into a golden half-circle that is delicately suspended from another specifically shaped gold component and earring surmount. You can inform just how much idea entered into this style simply be taking a look at it.

That impressive multi-hued gems is fluorite. It is perfectly soothing and charming.

Necklaces from the Rachel Atherley Peacock collection. Fluorite on the left, kyanite on the right.

The collection provides a couple of various earring and locket designs in both fluorite, like above, and in quite blue kyanite, like this locket on the right. Like the earrings, the lockets in the Rachel Atherley Peacock collection originate an uncomplicated sensation of unintentional excellence.

The kyanite pieces do not have that unbelievable stripe result that I enjoy a lot in the fluorite, however the variations in the beautiful blue gems are simply as appealing in its own method. The kyanite is a gorgeous neutral and would choose definitely whatever. It’s likewise alluringly clear. as you can see in this video from Meeka Fine Jewelry’s Instagram

That video likewise exposes that those splendid gems really move a little, rather that being totally fixed. That tip of motion includes an amazing brand-new measurement to the entire collection.

Fluorite and kyanite earrings from the Rachel Atherley Peacock collection.

I have actually never ever satisfied these specific gems face to face, however I completely delight in looking at them from afar.

If you wish to see more by Rachel Atherley (which I suggest– she has a great deal of lovely styles!) you can discover her site here and her Instagram here.

Photos c/o Rachel Atherley.