The Need-To-KnowSpring/Summer2023 Bridal Beauty Trends

Just like beauty patterns ups and downs when it concerns everyday life, they ups and downs in the bridal world. While “Heidi-style braids” might have had their minute in the spotlight just recently, that’s not a pattern that appears to be continuing according to Kenna Ehman, co-founder of KennaKunijo and master stylist and a bridal hair and makeup professional.

We talked with the wedding event beauty pro all things spring/summer 2023 bridal beauty.

Subtle and Loose

Image: Kenna Kunijo

“Subtle waves with a soft texture and loose ‘undone updos’ will be very popular among brides this season. This is going to be popular for those who are embracing the low-maintenance rooty color trend. This season we can’t be bothered with high-maintenance hair, which is great news for brides juggling the many things on their to-do lists to prepare for their big day. Rooty color that grows out seamlessly allows people always to look put together with fewer trips to the salon.”


Image: Kenna Kunijo

“Retro waves will be all the rage for brides who want to go full Hollywood glam on their big day. We’re going to be seeing a lot of 1920s soft finger waves that are both timeless and of the moment.”

NaturalWith A Twist

Image: Kenna Kunijo

“With makeup, we’re seeing a lot of brides wanting to go for dewy skin with a winged liner. Natural is in, and this is a great way for brides to jump on this more natural flawless skin trend while having a little Glam but not too much. We’re also doing a lot of soft lips to keep them from looking too dramatic.”


Image: Kenna Kunijo

“Like loose ‘undone updos,’ hair down and soft waves will be huge as many brides this season don’t want to look too far off from their everyday look. Soft waves are the perfect option for a bride leaning toward a more natural, authentic and relaxed look on their wedding day, giving them a soft texture and natural movement that looks effortlessly beautiful.”


Image: Kenna Kunijo

“Injections, Botox, tattooed makeup and skin treatments are the trend that everyone (brides included) is jumping on, intending to look more natural. With this goal in mind, many are turning toward injections, Botox, tattooed makeup, and skin treatments to create an unintentionally perfect look. Brides want to look flawless and natural leading up to the wedding, not just the big day.”