It’s been an insane couple of weeks however what a rush! I’m fresh back from COUTURE Las Vegas where SilviaFurmanovich showcased Botanica, her brand-new marquetry collection of great jewellery at the jewellery display room of MUSE, New York City– among the most-talked-about skills at COUTURE.

It’s such an adventure remaining in such skilled business and a terrific honour to be the face for the brand-new Botanica collection. We shot the project in Brazil simply a couple of weeks back, so we didn’t have a great deal of time to get it all prepared for the huge unveiling at COUTURE LasVegas But with the assistance of an incredible group of skilled artists and designers, we pulled it off and I can’t await you to see completion outcome!

I have actually been a veteran admirer of SilviaFurmanovich and I’m thrilled to see how she’s developed as a designer. For practically 7 years now, I have actually appreciated her imagination and how her styles have actually progressed into pure work of arts. Every time my partner and I remain in Brazil, we make certain we visit her shop and workplace to see what brand-new thrills she’s envisioned.

The most current collection Botanica is motivated by the illustrations of the German- born biologist and clinical illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian and the British botanical artist English MargaretMee It catches the spiritual essence of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in all its beauty and splendour. The unbelievable information and proficient marquetry with its abundant tones and textures of native restored wood, coupled with uncommon and valuable gems, gold and diamonds make you woozy with desire!

Until this collection Silvia concentrated on clutches and two-dimensional gems But Botanica have an abundant, naturalbeauty Unique productions readily available in restricted collections just increases the worth of these spectacular gems.


I like every one of them and it’s difficult to select a preferred. Just when you choose, your eye lights on another amazing gem and you fall in love all over once again!

So let me inform you how this cooperation with SilviaFurmanovich happened and how I ended up being the face of the brand-new Botanica collection. Silvia and I initially discussed this endeavor throughout my journey to Bahrain for JewelleryArabia SilviaFurmanovich was revealing her collection at AZZA Fine Jewellery

Being a business owner myself, I deeply appreciate Silvia Furmanovich for conquering the obstacles of being successful in an extremely competitive market. She’s such a motivating female to be around and I’m constantly amazed by her strength of mind and spirit. The female behind the brand name is a caring, tender mom of 3 boys who share her enthusiasm for jewellery and workmanship. To a particular degree, I believe Silvia was born to be a mom and her imaginative spirit and focus is exceptional. She sticks out from the crowd since she does not catch the pressures of producing industrial jewellery, however rather commemorates her art and craft and unbelievable eye forbeauty She produces wearable art and continues to innovate every year.

It all started in 1997 when SilviaFurmanovich established her very first individual atelier in Sao Paulo,Brazil She fell for the transmutable nature of gold as a kid seeing her goldsmith dad Salvador Longobardi operating in his atelier in the house. Gold ended up being a strong and motivating source for a lot of her very first productions. But her innovative spirit prompted her to look for other more unique products and her heart set on native restored wood from the Rainforests ofBrazil Marquetry ended up being a hallmark of the brand name and developed into unique and valuable wearable artworks. Now her jewellery is readily available at BergdorfGoodman in New York City, in addition to 2 spectacular shops in Brazil and obviously, throughout the MiddleEast You can likewise discover Silvia Furmanovich at PAD London in October this year.

For the project, the skilled group from GEM Kreatives, which is a shop imaginative firm, and the incredibly skilled jewellery professional photographer Julia Flit, came together at the Jardim Botanico inBrazil It’s an awesome park abundant with the unique and lovely botanicals ofBrazil I have actually never ever seen such luxury anywhere else I have actually taken a trip. Mother Nature really is the most skilled designer and a motivation to all of us and the driving force behind the brand-new Botanica collection from SilviaFurmanovich We all gain from her riches and Jardim Botanico did not let us down. It was the ideal area for this shoot.

I was not just modeling however likewise art directing the shoot and I enjoy to state it was a hit! We’ll be included in VogueBrazil online and print, Bergdorf Goodman publication and ideally VogueArabia A couple of other jewellery brand names had actually approached me about representing their brand names, however SilviaFurmanovich has an unique location in my heart and remains in ideal consistency with my beliefs and what I mean as a jewellery enthusiast. I was really pleased to be dealing with this task; it’s a dream come to life!

But it wasn’t without its obstacles. Prior to the journey I had a yellow fever injection, which jeopardized my body immune system, so I was on prescription antibiotics throughout the shoot. I totally lost my sense of odor and taste and wasn’t feeling my finest. I’m not an expert design, so the battle is genuine. It’s natural to feel susceptible when you’re surrounded by a team of individuals, while you posture in the stunning heat of the sun and there’s images being snapped and videos being shot. Don’ t forget we remained in the middle of the forest among huge cacti with mosquitoes buzzing around our heads! I understand a few of my dear readers wince at being photographed, so you’ll comprehend how I was feeling. But my stylist and his 2 assistants made me feel so unique and enjoyed throughout the shoot, all of it exercised in the end. I considered my dear dad and how he enjoyed to take images of his household and I started to unwind in the natural splendour of this magnificent garden, all the while imagining a comfortable photography studio where you can manage the light and there are no bugs!

Thank goodness forJulia Her language abilities conserved us a lot of times and she was such a terrific convenience to have by my side. After an 11- hour flight and getting stuck in traffic for 3 hours, we got to Silvia’s workplace at 10 a.m., prepared to look into the jewellery box and see the clothing our stylist had actually picked for the shoot.

I was amazed by the beauty of the gems that kept showing up from the artisans all day, and I had a difficult time selecting. But I chose my favourites and paired them with some spectacular styles from Brazilian designer PaulaRaia I like her clothing and her signature refined-yet-rustic visual. She has a cult following in Brazil and we visited her shop to see what other productions we might utilize in the shoot. Paula likewise brings into play Mother Nature to sustain her imagination and it was a terrific enjoyment dealing with her. You can see all 12 searches in the lookbook.

GEMOLOGUE_Liza Urla_jewellery blogger_jewelry blog_jewellery_Silvia Furmanovich, Liza Urla is a new face of Silvia Furmanovich_Silvia Furmanovich earrings_Brazilian designer launched new marquetry collection, Botanica fine jewellery collection, Liza Urla the face of Silvia Furmanovich, fine jewellery, Brazilian jewelty brand, Vogue Silvia Furmanovich_Bergdorf Goodman Silvia Furmanovich

Bright and early the next early morning, prior to my 7 a.m. wake-up call for hair and makeup (and the very best facial massage ever!), I had some enjoyable out on the terrace of our 20 th flooring hotel space shooting nudes of Julia! It was the emphasize of the early morning and a bit of enjoyable to alleviate us into the wedding day ahead.

We had 12 seeks to shoot in 2 days with makeup and hair modifications. Everything was shot outside in various places, so you can think of the substantial quantity of prep work prior to the shoot. First of all there’s idea and state of mind board advancement, which are my preferred parts, and after that assembling a group of skilled individuals. Once you pick a place, you need to get authorization to shoot and after that exercise all the logistics for the jewellery and devices, in addition to travel and hotels for the group. The day of the shoot, you simply hope and hope whatever will go efficiently which the weather condition and lighting will be on your side. And no finger prints on those gems!

The weather condition was ideal and we were fortunate to end up all searches time, regardless of our running a little behind on the very first day.

So which pieces did I select for the project? All of them, if I could! Some of my preferred pieces are the bracelets– Marquetry Flower Bracelet and Sculptural Botanical Marquetry Leaf Bracelet that I used with my preferred Paula Raia appearance. The jewellery that I and Silvia most like is, obviously, earrings! The thing I like about earrings is how they draw in the eye immediately. I like each and every piece in the Botanica collection. Who would not! Each one is a remarkable piece of sculpturalbeauty You’ll need to choose for yourselves which ones you ‘d use!

Silvia’s workshop is based inBrazil The brand-new Botanica collection was produced by proficient artisans from Sao Paulo utilizing an ingenious method of marquetry and a distinct seven-step procedure developing the wood components and completing touches of diamonds and gemstones. Silvia follows each action with love and care and accompanies the whole procedure from start to end up. She is a real visionary and a female to be appreciated.

My see to Brazil wasn’t over, nevertheless. The cherry on the cake was participating in the jewellery launch of the brand-new Botanica collection and co-hosting with Silvia Furmanovich You can enjoy the video on GEMOLOGUE You Tube channel. The entire experience took me on a journey I’ll always remember and I’m so happy to be the face for the Botanica great jewellery collection. I will treasure this memory like the most valuable gem in my jewellery journey.