The lovely strength of Loriann Jewelry’s ModernRenaissance

I liked Loriann Jewelry’s Modern Renaissance collection prior to I even saw it.

My intro to this beautiful brand-new line came by means of a telephone call from the designer, LoriFriedman I stood in my cooking area as Lori strolled me through the collection’s advancement and motivation; her words painting photos in my mind.

I needed to wait a couple of more months prior to I had the satisfaction of seeing Loriann Jewelry’s Modern Renaissance collection for myself in reality, however oh my goodness, my beloveds. It deserved the wait.

The Magdalena and Anastasia pendants from Loriann Jewelry's Modern Renaissance collection. Moonstone necklaces with black enamel.

It’s among my preferred things worldwide to see a jewelry designer’s visual develop in time, and I have actually now had the satisfaction of including numerous various collections of LoriannJewelry‘s work here on Diamonds in the Library.

As one may anticipate, the Modern Renaissance collection was highly affected by the art of the ItalianRenaissance It includes strong enamel, fleur-de-lis concepts, and sword and shield-inspired styles.

But it is likewise a tribute to the principle of the Renaissance Woman: the strong and curious “Jill-of-all-trades” soul who uses lots of hats, has lots of interests, and enjoys to check out brand-new things.

These enamel, diamond, spinel and moonstone rings are from Loriann Jewelry's latest collection, which is inspired by Renaissance jewelry

The even more Lori entered Modern Renaissance, the more she understood that it was actually a homage to one specific Renaissance lady: her own mom, Lily, who had actually just recently died. In her own words:

After[my mother] passed in the Spring, I was flooded with the psychological effect of just how much impact she had on my life and much of what I found out and my lots of interests were obtained through osmosis. My love of nature, art and art history, antique jewelry, music and cooking were a few of the presents she bestowed upon me.

I am grateful to have actually experienced a youth that was so abundant in culture and custom which I had the ability to equate this into my art type to show others. My Mother was a real Modern Renaissance lady and this collection is my homage to her.”

— Lori Friedman

It’s no surprise this collection is so engaging and impactful, with such an effective psychological resonance behind its motivation.

The Magdelena Fleur de Lis earrings from Loriann Jewelry's Modern Renaissance collection. Black enamel, diamond, and moonstone earrings in gold.

TheModern Renaissance collection utilizes colorway of yellow gold accentuated with black enamel, black spinel, rainbowlike moonstones, and black and white diamonds.

These are the Magdelena earrings, among the very best examples of how this collection strongly juxtaposes strength and special by matching the drama of the black enamel with the sophisticated, slim curves of the fleur-de-lis accents and the soap-bubble fragility of those moonstone teardrops.

The Giovanna ring by Loriann Jewelry with black spinel and black diamonds in gold. Inspired by Renaissance jewelry!

TheGiovanna ring (an individual favorite of mine) is maybe Modern Renaissance’s most obvious recommendation to Renaissance period jewelry, with its high profile, quatrefoil shape, remarkable shoulders, and reverse-set black spinels.

It’s likewise simply an exceptionally badass and lovely piece of jewelry, IMHO. Wearing it made me seem like a warrior queen who can do anything. Every time I put this ring down, I would discover myself selecting it up once again to find a brand-new information or enjoy a fresh angle.

(Click here to go to my Pinterest board of Renaissance Jewelry if you ‘d like a pointer of what OG Renaissance rings appear like.)

Three heart necklaces from Loriann Jewelry's Modern Renaissance collection. Yellow gold with diamonds and moonstone.

Giovanna isn’t Modern Renaissance’s just example of ingenious stone setting. If you look carefully at the heart pendants above, you’ll see that the pendant on the best functions reverse-set diamonds and sleek-channel set stones while the pendant underneath functions many reverse-set diamonds that it practically seems feathered instead of covered in diamonds.

The result is lovely, however it’s likewise strong: this isn’t simply a delighted, lovely heart, it’s a heart that’s as strong as the diamonds that decorate its surface area, representing a love that never ever ends.

The Lily Fleur de Lis earrings from Loriann Jewelry's Modern Renaissance collection. Black enamel, diamond, and moonstone earrings in gold.

Swords and guards were amongst the signs of strength that Lori remembered while developing Modern Renaissance, as one can plainly see in the sophisticated length of the Lily fleur-de-lis earrings, among the designs called after the designer’s mom.

Once once again, we have an effective mix of special and strength, light and dark, shine and matte duplicated over and over once again with the enamel and the gold, the curves of the fleur-de-lis, the echo of weapons.

I believe that juxtaposition of revers is actually why this collection is so effective: it shows the lovely contradictions that are fundamental in the human experience; both as an enduring part of our social relationships and within our own hearts.

The Francesca moonstone ring by Loriann Jewelry. With diamonds and black enamel. Inspired by Renaissance jewelry!

What do you consider Loriann Jewelry’s Modern Renaissance, my beloveds? Did it resonate with you as highly as it finished with me? Did you feel it in the pit of your stomach?

Let me understand what leapt out at you here and which pieces you’ll be dreaming about later on when you close your eyes.

A substantial thank you Lori Friedman of Loriann Jewelry, for being an excellent human and a fantastic buddy in addition to a gifted designers. And a warm thanks also to the beautiful Renee Wilson of BijouxJewels in Baltimore, MD, for being so inviting when I appeared at her shop to do this photoshoot throughout a current Loriann Jewelry TrunkShow


Becky Stone of Diamonds in the Library with jewelry designer Loriann Friedman of Loriann Jewelry.
Becky with jewelry designer Lori Friedman at the Loriann Jewelry trunk program at Bijoux Jewels.

For more from Loriann Jewelry, please visit my LoriannJewelry archive here, Lori’s own site here, or her Instagram here

The artist was kind sufficient to present me a piece of jewelry from this collection, however my viewpoints stay my own.