The Complete Guide to Red Ruby

It is not a surprise that the red ruby is among the most popular and pricey gems internationally. And despite the fact that there are other red gems, just a couple of of them are as desired as rubies. Below is a rundown of what you require to learn about red rubies.

What is a Red Ruby?

Ruby is originated from the Latin word for red, ruber. Red rubies are likewise called blood rubies and are colored by trace quantities of chromium. They are a range of gems with a red color, and they come from the corundum household. There has actually constantly been a high need for this stone throughout particular durations in history.

For example, throughout the height of ancient Rome and the Victorian age in England, Roman emperors and a few of the most affluent individuals in Europe used blood rubies to reveal wealth and power. These days, rubies are still thought about a financial investment stone due to their rarity and worth.

What is the Meaning of a Red Ruby?

Today, rubies are a sign of love and dedication. The old Hollywood red color that rubies exhibition represents all things romantic– believe Valentine’s Day hearts, coal from a still-warm fire, and long stem roses. Red ruby jewelry is typically offered as an anniversary present to commemorate a romantic relationship that has actually stood the test of time.

For centuries, rubies’ blood-red color was a representation of life itself. -Early cultures valued the gem and thought they might secure versus misery, swelling, and disease. Ancient warriors reached to embellish their armor with rubies to offer defense in fight.

Rubies are likewise July’s birthstone and represents the brave, pleased, and enthusiastic qualities of those born in the seventh month of the year. And birthstone jewelry has actually picked up! Striking ruby jewelry is an excellent method to commemorate and celebrate your enjoyed one’s July birthday (or your own!).

HowDoes a Red Ruby Get its Color?

The trace quantities of chromium figure out the color of a ruby. In addition to blood or deep, red-colored stones, there are likewise pinkish or purplish-pink stones categorized as rubies considering that they share the very same chromium material and color. You might discover these more economical than real crimson rubies due to their lighter shade and vibrancy.

Inclusions inside the gems can likewise alter the color of a ruby. Thus, when a red ruby has no additions, it appears more vibrant and clear than one with numerous additions.

How is Ruby Color Graded?

Rubies are graded on their saturation and color. Color saturation varies from vibrant to strong, reasonable, medium, and weak. Top quality rubies are constantly graded as ‘vivid.’ Hue describes the overtones present within a ruby. Red is the most desired of all shades, however rubies can be found in shades of minor orange, strong orange, minor purple, and strong purple too.


The clearness of a ruby is evaluated on the very same scale that diamonds and other gems are– by identifying the number of additions (little, black carbon deposits) exist in the stone. The scale is as follows with VVS rubies being the rarest and desired.

  • VVS– extremely, extremely somewhat consisted of. Eye tidy.
  • SI1– somewhat consisted of. The additions present have a minor impact on look however little impact on general radiance. Eye tidy.
  • SI2– likewise somewhat consisted of. The additions present have a minor impact on look and a minor impact on general radiance.
  • I1– additions are apparent to the naked eye.
  • I2– popular additions.
  • I3– numerous popular and apparent additions.


Generally natural rubies are cut in 4 various methods: fantastic cut, action cut, combined cut, cabochon cut.

  • Brilliant cut– functions triangle-shaped aspects are cut symmetrically for the function of drawing light into the gems.
  • Step cut– frequently called emerald-cut, this design includes aspects that run parallel to the ruby’s edge. They look comparable to a symmetrically rising staircase and normally include smoothed corners.
  • Mixed cut– is a hybrid in between fantastic and action cut designs and is the most typical cut for rubies. The crown is usually cut to perk up the shimmer and the structure is action cut, which really lowers waste throughout the cutting procedure and assists the color shine through.
  • Cabochon cut– most classic designs include this cut of gem that includes a domed top and a flat bottom. The top is smooth and not faceted and is extremely polished. These are the simplest to produce and for that reason normally the least pricey.

What is the Value of a Red Ruby?

Several elements figure out the worth of a ruby. These consist of the clearness, cut, and color.

There is a boost in need for these stones, and the rates for red rubies have actually increased recently. Some of these stones have actually even deserved more than their weight in gold.

Due to their deficiency and appeal, red rubies are frequently fraudulently offered as natural red gems. As a customer, you must take care about what you purchase when purchasing a red gems due to the fact that numerous sellers will attempt to offer laboratory rubies or artificial options for leading dollar. The just method to guarantee you get what you’re trying to find is with an appraisal certificate from a reliable expert jewelry expert. That being stated, laboratory grown rubies are likewise incredibly lovely and show much less additions than a natural ruby does, for a better cost.

Where can You Find Red Rubies?

PigeonBlood Ruby

There are various sort of red rubies. However, the most typical kind is called the pigeon blood ruby. It is a kind of corundum gems that has a really dark red color. These stones are valued for their absence of color to make them more transparent and important.


The most popular red ruby is the Burmese ruby, and the reds vary from a dark maroon to a real red. This kind of stone is crimson and has more chromium than the pigeon blood ruby. It makes this kind of stone a bit less important than its equivalent.

These rubies originate from the Burmese ruby mines in the nation of Myanmar, they produce about 95% of natural rubies. In Myanmar, there are 2 kinds of rubies: light and dark. Light rubies are more typical and normally more economical than dark ones. Dark rubies are uncommon due to the fact that it takes longer to discover them, and they tend to be more extremely saturated with color.


The 3rd kind of red ruby you might come across is the Ceylon ruby. These stones are lighter than the Burmese rubies, making them much less important. They likewise have more defects due to numerous developments on the very same crystal lattice structure.

HowCan You Tell if a Red Ruby is Real?

The finest method to inform if a ruby is genuine or not is the ‘too good to be true’ test. Lab developed rubies are, usually, entirely addition totally free, providing an ‘almost perfect’ appearance. Natural rubies, unless they are of very uncommon quality, will likely have at least a couple of additions that provide the gems a depth and originality.

Another method to discriminate in between a laboratory grown ruby and a natural ruby is to consider its color. Lab grown rubies are frequently more of a light-colored red. Natural rubies, specifically the very best ones, include a crimson color.

When questioning whether you have an artificial (glass, plastic, and so on) ruby, think about carrying out the rub test. Here are the actions:

  • Rub the stone in concern versus a smooth (however difficult) surface area, such as glass.
  • Check to see if the stone leaves any color behind on the test surface area.
  • If the stone leaves any color behind it is most likely not a natural ruby. As genuine rubies are incredibly resilient, they should not be harmed by evaluating it versus a tough surface area.


Red rubies are unique, uncommon, and desired gems that represent love and enthusiasm. Jewelers have long-since set them in rare-earth element, crafting magnificent jewelry that makes a declaration. Now that you have actually gone through the total guide to red rubies, take a peek at our leading ruby jewelry designs.