The AGO’s New Exhibit Will Take You On a Trip to 19 th Century Paris

Impressionism in the Age of Industry: Monet,Pissarro and more, is on from February 16 up until May 5.

When you stand in front of Monet painting, a rush of mysterious fond memories might hurry over you. You’ll likely associate the little brush strokes with scenes of leisure and leisure, and you may wish for the simpleness of daily life in the late 1800 s: a walk through a garden, an alfresco lunch, a space filled with ballet dancers at the PalaisGarnier Who amongst us would decline a fast time-travelling getaway to turn-of-the-century Paris? From here, all of it looks rather picturesque.

Impressionism, nevertheless, emerged throughout a duration of incredible modification inFrance Artists of this motion worked to portray daily life– which indicates that together with pictures of sundowns and beaches, they likewise illustrated the grand developments of market and innovation. Think “train tracks sliced through their landscapes; smokestacks dotted their horizons,” composes the ArtGallery of Ontario.

Impressionism in the Age of Industry: Monet,Pissarro and more, on at the AGO from February 16 up until May 5, takes a look at how Impressionists recorded the whirlwind of technological development that occurred in this duration. The unique exhibit brings work of arts from worldwide to the AGO, consisting of over 120 paintings, sculptures, illustrations, prints, photos and movie by artists such as Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and CamillePissarro “Bringing these works together will offer a new perspective on Impressionism, which is more often associated with leisure activities and sunny landscapes,” states Caroline Shields, the AGO’s Assistant Curator, EuropeanArt “These artists were equally fascinated by the modernity of industry. Their art celebrates the changes occurring around them and the people who made it all happen.”

Here’s a sneak peek of works consisted of in the exhibition: