How Tennis Bracelets Got Their Name

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Tennis bracelets have become a popular staple for birthday, anniversary, and wedding gifts – but what do they have to do with tennis?

Tennis bracelets are narrow chain bracelets set with diamonds (and sometimes other gems!) that can be worn as an everyday OR special occasion piece. They are typically lightweight and more flexible than your standard bracelet. It is both curious and confusing – why wear diamonds while playing tennis?

In 1987, these precious baubles got their signature moniker after world-famous tennis player, Chris Evert, lost her diamond bracelet during the US Open on live TV. People all over the world watched as the match was postponed so that officials could assist Evert in reclaiming her missing jewelry. Afterwards, while being interviewed, Evert personally referred to the piece as her “tennis bracelet”, and the name stuck! The diamond tennis bracelet increased in popularity soon after, however they are more often given as holiday gifts than at sporting events!

If you own or are looking to purchase a tennis bracelet – don’t make the same mistake Evert made! Have your clasp checked for breakage and the setting inspected for stone loss to avoid any mishaps during wear. As an extra precaution, have it insured, just as you would an engagement ring. These gorgeous bracelets are usually priced at thousands of dollars, making them a major investment piece. There are even tennis necklaces and earrings in designs similar to the look of the bracelet.

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