Sunscreen Tips: 10 Spots You’re Not Applying Sunscreen

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Most individuals believe that they’re sufficiently safeguarded if they slather sun block on their faces and bodies prior to heading outdoors. Unfortunately, some unfortunate ones find hours later on that they missed out on essential locations– and now they have a lobster-red sunburn there to show it.

Those people who can relate have most likely found out a lesson or 2 about the value of using sun block completely. All of the unfavorable methods the sun can harm skin are well-documented and we understand that utilizing SPF frequently is essential to remaining safeguarded. The problems occur when we believe we’re being great and using sun block over our whole bodies, however end up missing out on some essential areas. To guarantee that our complete bodies are sufficiently safeguarded, we asked the specialists about the most typical locations individuals forget to use sun block.


Almost everybody keeps in mind to use sun block to their faces, however they can overlook essential facial functions, particularly the lips.Dr Dendy Engelman, dermatologic cosmetic surgeon at Manhattan Dermatology & & Cosmetic Surgery, specifies that lips are among the most typically forgotten locations. Unfortunately, the skin on lips is among the thinnest on our whole bodies, which indicates burns are most likely. To avoid burns, use sun block or a lip item with SPF prior to heading out.

Back of the Neck

Even those with long hair must guarantee that their necks are safeguarded.Dr Ava Shamban, Beverly Hills skin doctor and creator of SKINxFIVE, mentions that this is a typically disregarded area throughout sun block application.


Ears might be little, however they are not to be neglected due to the fact that they can burn.Dr Karyn Grossman, celeb skin doctor and developer of KARYNG, specifies that the ears are regularly left vulnerable like the backs of necks. It is essential that sun block application extends beyond the face and towards the ears, nevertheless.

Engelman states, “Get in the habit of applying sunscreen on the face daily. If it becomes part of your routine, you will be more likely to not forget on days with more sun exposure. You can’t apply too much sunscreen, so make sure any skin that is exposed is covered.” She includes, “Apply it in the mirror before leaving for your day. That way you can notice places you forgot to apply it.” It likewise offers the item time to soak up prior to sun direct exposure.


Contrary to what some might believe, hair does not totally safeguard the scalp from the sun. Not even those who are blessed with thick, long hairs can avoid the sun security. Engelman discusses, “Even with hair, your scalp is at risk of burning and later peeling. Apply sunscreen to your scalp at least 30 minutes before sun exposure or cover up with a hat. Spray or powder sunblocks are great for the scalp.” Try ClarinsSunscreen Care Oil Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30($2565). It’s a nongreasy dry oil that can be used to hair and bodies.


Razor burn appears like a walk in the park compared to burned underarms, where every motion leads to pain. To avoid this from occurring, use a thick layer of sun block to underarms. Wait a couple of seconds prior to putting arms down so the item has an opportunity to soak up.


It might not burn like the scalp, however safeguarding hair from the sun is simply as important. It’s particularly crucial for those with colored or chemically dealt with hair. “The best way to protect hair is to wear a hat,” Grossman states. “Look for SPF hairsprays that you can spritz in while out in the sun. Spray liberally, then pull your hair up into a pony or bun.” ShiseidoUltimate Sun Protection Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face/Body($40) can be found in an easy-to-apply spray bottle that can be utilized from hairs to toes.

And reapplying sun block on hair is simply as crucial as reapplying it on skin. Grossman recommends following the exact same skin sun block guidelines and reapply hair SPF each to 2 hours and after swimming.


Even a set of boyshort swimwear bottoms or a longline retro swimwear will not entirely safeguard your butt. Swimsuits shift, which can leave cheeks exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Apply sun block to your derrière at the exact same time as your back so there’s less opportunity of avoiding the location.


We use sun block with our hands yet our specialists exposed that hands are among the most typically forgotten locations to use SPF. Ensure appropriate security by covering all sides of hands with a thick layer of sun block. And keep in mind to reapply it after cleaning hands. Another simple hack is to switch routine cold cream for a formula with skin-protecting active ingredients

Chest and Décolletage

The chest location is another area all 3 specialists pointed out as an unfortunately overlooked zone. It’s important that the whole chest location is safeguarded with a liberal finishing of sun block. This consists of décolletages, shoulders, breasts and necks. Be sure to cover locations concealed by swimwear straps due to the fact that straps shift. It assists to use sun block prior to placing on a swimwear to guarantee whatever is totally covered.


Sandal season requires sun security on feet. That consists of the tops, sides and even the bottoms. Heels and the pads of feet can in some cases get burned when we’re relaxing on our stomachs on a beach towel.

10 Spots You're Not Applying Sunscreen (but Should)