Spring gems from A La Vieille Russie

I’m so delighted that spring is here! And I’m not the only one delighting in the season: high-end antique and vintage jewelry shop A La Vieille Russie has actually curated the most beautiful spring-themed edit of gems for us to delight in.

There’s even a tiara!! It’s unbelievable.

1920's swan brooch and circa 1905 starburst brooch from A La Vieille Russie

I have actually had the honor of checking out A La Vieille Russie‘s New York City traditional shop two times, and both events were very unforgettable– despite the fact that one see was simply a frenzied 10 minutes prior to I needed to go capture my train house. If you ever have the possibility to go visit them IRL, absolutely do it.

I have not satisfied these spring-themed pretties personally, however the charming folks at ALVR were kind sufficient to send out over these images for us to delight in.

Antique ruby and diamond butterfly brooch pendant from A La Vieille Russie

This stunning butterfly is an antique that can be used as either a brooch or a pendant. It includes abundant, red rubies and shimmering antique diamonds.

Up at the top of the post, we have a French 1920’s diamond swan brooch byHartz I combined it with this Howard & & Co starburst brooch from 1905, since the 2 together make me seem like I’m taking a bright walk by a lake.

A gold and enamel orchid brooch, circa 1900, and a demantoid garnet frog brooch from A La Vieille Russie

What’s an imaginary spring walk without great deals of marvelous green?

Here we have the most beautiful a gold and enamel orchid brooch, circa1900 How charming is that fragile, exceptionally comprehensive enamel? It’s not a fancy style, however its subtle beauty is silently spectacular.

And, naturally, a beloved demantoid garnet frog brooch to keep the orchid business. Demantoid garnets are among my preferred green gems, and this little amphibious fellow is simply too charming to withstand.

Antique micromosaic earrings and a Jean Schlumberger caterpillar pin with sapphires and turquoise, circa 1950. From A La Vieille Russie

Who stated weird crawlies can’t likewise be trendy?

Here we have a set of exceptionally detailed antique micromosaic earrings with a theme of flowers and 2 beetles. If you’re not knowledgeable about micromosaic jewelry, it’s actually a tony mosaic: those images are formed from numerous itty bitty pieces that are meshed to form images. It’s a really difficult strategy that needs ability and perseverance. It blows my mind to understand somebody made these over 100 years earlier, by hand, without any computer-generated schematics to follow.

The earrings are accompanied by an extremely lovely animal, a caterpillar pin by JeanSchlumberger I’m not a fan of reality caterpillars (they are among the only insect-like animals that provides me the ick) however this one is welcome to my shoulder anytime. It includes sapphires and blue-green and dates to1950


Magnificent antique Victorian oak leaf tiara, circa 1850. With emerald leaves and natural pearl and diamond acorns. From A La Vieille Russie

I assured you a tiara and here it is!!! I have a weak point for foliate tiaras and this one is an ideal example of why I like them: it’s so romantic and whimsical and remarkable and classy. It’s providing significant Titania vibes, with its emerald oak leaves and natural pearl and diamond acorns. Put this on and you’re an immediate fairy queen.

This distinctive English tiara is from the Victorian age, circa1850 It has actually remained in the very same household because the 1970’s, when it was formerly offered by A La Vieille Russie to a dad who was purchasing it for his child to endure her big day. Now it has actually gone back to ALVR’s collection and is looing for a brand-new owner!

Antique French wasp brooch, circa 1875, with diamonds and emeralds and an Art Deco dragonfly brooch by Janesich, circa 1940. From A La Vieille Russie

Two last winged blings to see us out! Here we have antique French wasp brooch, circa 1875, which may in fact be my preferred non-tiara piece here. I simply like the drama of its wings and its fragile antennae. It’s accompanied by an Art Deco dragonfly brooch by Janesich, circa1940


And that’s it for today! What did you consider this collection, my beloveds? Do you seem like you’ve been walking through a bejeweled meadow?

Thanks to A La Vieille Russie for assembling this wonderful spring-themed collection of charms for us to delight in! You can see these treasures personally at the upcoming PhiladelphiaShow

Images c/o A La Vieille Russie