Siren Eyes: One Of TikTok’s Favorite Trends

If you like attempting brand-new makeup looks then it may be time to offer the “ siren eyes” pattern a shot. This sexy eye appearance has more than 315 million views on TikTok!

It’s an innovative method of doing eye liner and provides an elongates, raised impact producing a mystical look without needing to attempt too tough. You simply require an eye liner pen/pencil and black shadow to get the appearance. While it might have begun as a huge TikTok patterns a lots of superstars, like Megan Fox and Bella Hadid, have actually likewise been found sporting this eye appearance.

“Siren eyes are all the rage right now and rightfully so,” states KristenFortier, makeup artist and item development lead for CrunchiCosmetics “The process to create siren eyes is actually pretty simple and can be achieved with just a few staple products.”

Keep reading for a take a look at Fortier’s detailed guide.

Image: Getty

Step 1: “Create a smoky however natural eye shadow appearance that raises the eyes. Use a combination that is currently curated to produce this appear like Crunchi’s Shadow BarVol II Focus on putting the shadow in and somewhat above your natural crease while mixing up towards completion of the eyebrow bone. The objective is to offer the eyes a raised, extended look.”

Step 2: “Use a pigmented black eyeliner pencil to create a winged liner from the outer corner of the eyes to just above the crease. An easy way to make sure your wing is right for your eye shape is to line up your lower lash line and the end of your brow bone.”

Step 3: “Use a dark brown or black eyeshadow to smoke out the wing to give it a very sultry finish. Using an angled brush or small eyeshadow brush is best for this.”

Step 4: “Apply a black eyeliner on your upper and lower water lines. This will help create the illusion of a thick lash band and play up the smokiness of the eye look. If you have smaller eyes, I recommend only applying the black eyeliner halfway across the lower waterline.”

Step 5: “Take your dark brown or black eyeshadow and smoke out the lower lash line. This will help take away any harshness of the waterline eyeliner.”

Step 6: “Apply several coats of a volumizing mascara to the top and bottom lashes. If desired, you can also add a few individual lashes to the outer corner of the eyes to emphasize the wing.”

Step 7: “Keep the inner corner of the eyes looking tidy by putting highlighter like Crunchi’s Luminescence Highlighter or a shimmer eye shadow to show light and keep the eyes looking sultry however brilliant.”