September’s Birthstone – Thinking Pink with Sparkling Sapphire

What is Sapphire?

As you will see from our graphic listed below, Sapphire is the typical name ofCorundum Sapphires and Rubies are bothCorundum However, the name Ruby is booked particularly for the red colours of the valuable gems.

This gems is readily available in a vast array of colours and tones. As an outcome, the majority of our customers think that Sapphire is just readily available in Blue.

However, this gorgeous gems is readily available in Pink, Green, Yellow and a variety of colour strengths and tones. Above all, we can deal with a customer on a specific colour or shade to attain the wanted ended up piece.

what is sapphire


The name Sapphire originates from “Sapphirus”, significance dear to the worldSaturn The word Sapphirus in Latin recommendations to pink as a colour going back to the 17Century As an outcome, pink sapphires are now most popular for engagement rings.

Traditionally, this gem signifies nobility, reality, genuineness, and loyalty. Moreover, it has actually embellished the bathrobes of royalty and clergy members for centuries.

In addition, it is typically connected with royalty and love. The association was strengthened in 1981 when Prince Charles offered a blue sapphire engagement ring to LadyDiana Read more about Lady Dianas engagement ring.

What is a PadparadschaSapphire?

Some individuals state padparadscha colours need to be called salmon or sundown. However, the Padparadscha word itself describes the abundant colour of a lotus bloom. In conclusion, the most pricey variation of The Septembers Birthstone due to its special shade.

It is typically concurred that a Padparadscha need to vary from light to medium pinkish orange to orange– pink. Photo credit GIA


PinkSapphire Birthstone Eternity Rings

PinkSapphire eternity rings are ideal forSeptember Many of our styles originate from bespoke commissions– for instance, we produced this eternity ring in an extraordinary wave style.

bespoke eternity ring XggA5Dhs

An extra example of a custom eternity ring This style included rotating blue gem stones with dazzling white diamonds. Crafted in an uncommon woven design.


This valuable gems is popular for an excellent factor. Above all its solidity of 9 carefully follows diamond on the Mohs scale. Therefore Its solidity and sturdiness make it an excellent option for an engagement ring.

September blue Sapphire birthstone halo engagement rings

Where do they originate from?

Most of the world’s gem-quality stones are mined inMadagascar Treatments to heighten colour include warming the rough at low temperature levels. However, this procedure has no destructive result on clearness.

Most popular tones of pink

Shades differ significantly from pale pink to extreme purple pink. For circumstances, the large range of colour strengths enables purchasers to select a favored shade. Some of our most important commissions consist of high-clarity purplish-pink tones, nestled among amazing white diamonds for contrast.

loose stones


SquareBlue Sapphire Necklace

In addition, sapphire can be set into any design or style on our site. The pendant revealed listed below is crafted as a bespoke piece, with the shade thoroughly thought about prior to setting and ending up.

Blue Sapphire Necklace


We have a variety of present concepts for anybody with a SeptemberBirthday The following pieces are all readily available from our all set to use variety. However, if you are trying to find a particualr shade or style contact our group for additional assistance and guideance.

DewDrop Earrings

OurDew drop earrings. Crafted with a halo plan of blue sapphires surrounded by diamonds. These are readily available for instant despatch.

ready to wear drop earrings

Sketch of drop earrings

ClusterHalo Necklace

Oval blue sapphire and diamond halo pendant, crafted with a 1.63- carat oval blue sapphire held within a 4 claw setting. Surrounding the oval, 0.20 carats of grain set diamonds into 9ct white gold.

Halo Necklace

VintageEngagement Ring

Lillian— Vintage design pink and diamond shoulder engagement ring. Features a gleaming pink stone within a 4 claw setting above diamond encrusted shoulders with Milgrain information.

HaloEngagement Ring

Starla— Created in 18 ct white gold Diamond Halo EngagementRing In stock and all set for instant despatch, getting here in our bespoke elegant product packaging.

HeartShape Ring

HeartPink Sapphire Diamond ShoulderRing Featuring 0.15 cts of GVS diamonds grain set on the shoulders. Three claws hold the main 0.53 ct Heart shape.

diamond shoulder ring

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