Ruby Lane 101: how to purchase jewelry on RubyLane com

Do you ever purchase jewelry on RubyLane com, my beloveds?

RubyLane is among my preferred put on the web to discover vintage and antiquejewelry I truly believe it’s the closest experience to a real antique jewelry reveal that an individual can have from house, other than without any crowds and great deals of helpful search functions to assist you discover (and purchase!) precisely what you desire.

Four antique rings from sellers on Ruby Lane. I love this elongated navette shape!

Rings: 1, 2, 3, 4

RubyLane 101:
how to purchase jewelry on RubyLane com

We’re going to begin with a little intro to this wonderful resource and after that we’ll get to suggestions and techniques, sprayed freely with pictures of stunning jewelry!

Every piece of jewelry included in this post is presently for sale on RubyLane com. Click the numbered links under each picture to take you to the piece’s listing.

What is Ruby Lane?

RubyLane com is an ecommerce site that enables credible dealerships of antiques and collectables to have online stores all on the very same efficient, quickly searchable site.

RubyLane has a wonderful jewelry area, teeming with fascinating and uncommon pieces from museum quality antique treasures to wacky, economical vintage outfit jewelry and whatever in-between!

I have actually been purchasing jewelry on Ruby Lane for many years.

An exquisite selection of antique lockets from sellers on Ruby Lane.

Lockets: 1, 2, 3

Why is Ruby Lane various?

RubyLane is various from other online shopping websites due to the fact that, rather just, RubyLane com is not filled with scrap. It’s a thoughtful, properly maintained environment that draws genuine antiquarians providing real treasures.

Want to see something extremely cool? You can in fact see the Jewelry Terms & & Conditions that Ruby Lane sellers need to accept when developing a shop on RubyLane com.

It’s incredibly particular, with clear meanings of “antique” and “vintage” along with requirements for credibility screening and my extremely preferred guideline: “No commonly available, mass-produced jewelry.”

Art Deco era gemstone rings from sellers on Ruby Lane.

Ring listings: 1, 2, 3

One may anticipate properly maintained online shopping website to be specifically for luxury pieces, however RubyLane com invites antiques of a large cost variety.

The mix of properly maintained AND available to items of all cost varies indicates that you may discover a splendid $17,000 diamond ring for that as soon as in a life time purchase however you can likewise discover a stunning $80 silver bracelet or a $40 midcentury brooch or a $110Art Nouveau gilt locket for all those still extremely interesting however less economically difficult reward yourself minutes along the method.

Art Deco era necklaces from Ruby Lane.

Necklace listings: 1, 2, 3, 4

Even much better, due to the fact that sellers are needed to compose appropriate descriptions and supply numerous pictures of each piece they note, you’ll have a much easier time examining the offerings and choosing what you wish to purchase.

How to search jewelry on Ruby Lane.

If you’re uncertain what you desire, it’s constantly enjoyable to simply arbitrarily search jewelry on RubyLane com.

If you go straight to the Jewelry area of Ruby Lane, you’ll be satisfied by a variety of menu searching alternatives that begins by asking you if you wish to see All Jewelry or view New Arrivals, by week or by day:

Ruby Lane jewelry landing page is perfect for browsing.

You’ll likewise exist with many pre-set classifications, like Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, and Artisan Jewelry or more particular ones like “Pins, Vintage Jewelry.”

Cruising“Today’s Arrivals” is my preferred when I do not have a specific objective in mind. It’s a terrific method to buy lots and uncommon pieces prior to other collectors beat you to ’em.

Garnets: 1, 2, 3

When you see a piece that captures your eye, click it for a better look. If you see something you like however aren’t all set to buy, include it to your desire list so you can discover it later on (my RubyLane com desire list is extremely, effectively inhabited). You can likewise attempt clicking the name of the store to see what else that seller needs to provide.

One of my preferred RubyLane com searching techniques is to click the little “Browse Similar” icon that appears on search results page. This will take you to items with a comparable ambiance to what you clicked. (I can do this for hours.)

Search suggestions for finding jewelry on Ruby Lane.

Browsing is enjoyable, however it’s when you’re searching something particular that Ruby Lane really shines.

BecauseRuby Lane brings in genuine, experienced dealerships as its sellers, consumers like us who understand what they desire have the ability to in fact get precise outcomes by utilizing particular jewelry search terms.

Three spectacular antique paste Saint Esprit pendants from sellers The Pearl Antiques, and Black Persimmons Lux on Ruby Lane.

SaintEsprit: 1, 2, 3

For example, I would like to know what antique paste jewelry I would have the ability to discover by browsing RubyLane com. I enjoy antique paste, do not you?

I began with the extremely particular search “ antique paste Saint Esprit” to discover the 3 pieces above and a variety of other likewise stunning alternatives.

Two exquisite examples of antique paste jewelry from sellers Glorious Antique Jewelry and Antique Jewellery Group on Ruby Lane.

Paste: 1, 2

I chose I wished to see more, so I expanded my search terms to simply “ antique paste,” which showed up lots more alternatives, including this splendid 18 th Century Portuguese paste brooch and paste drop earrings.

Anywhere you go on RubyLane com, you’ll see a search bar on the leading right. You can browse within private sellers’ stores or Ruby Lane as a whole. You can likewise select to browse just noting titles or broaden the search to descriptions for more outcomes.

Once you have outcomes, click “Jewelry” under classifications to restrict unimportant listings.

Rings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

RubyLane conserved searches, desire lists, and more.

If you’re searching for something particular, the very best thing to do is established a Ruby Lane conserved search.

After you look for something on RubyLane com, you’ll see a little heart icon under the search bar that states “Follow this Search.” Click on it and you’ll be alerted daily, weekly, or regular monthly each time a product that satisfies your specifications is noted.

Following a search is a wonderful option if you’re searching for something uncommon and sought-after, like an antique grieving ring.

A selection of rare and exquisite mourning jewelry from sellers on Ruby Lane.

Mourning: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Let’s state you imagine the ideal classic Georgian grieving ring. If you established a particular search with terms like “Georgian mourning ring hair urn” and set the alert for daily, you’ll understand right away each time a pieces that satisfies your specifications is noted.

If you’re a bit more open, you can keep the search more basic, like “Georgian grieving ring” and even “memento mori” and you’ll see a broader variety of alternatives, consisting of somewhat various pieces like the wonderful Sepia ring and Stuart Crystal slide imagined here.

Garnets: 1, 2

If you enjoy something however the minute isn’t right, include it to your Ruby Lane Wish List and you’ll get a notice if it goes on sale. You can even develop various Wish Lists by classification with customized names!

I simply examined my individual Ruby Lane account and it looks I have no less than 43 different Wish Lists(!!) for various classifications of jewelry … so you UNDERSTAND I enjoy this function.

You can likewise conserve a store and get notices when a seller you enjoy posts something brand-new. Ruby Lane makes it so simple to efficiently browse what’s currently online AND makes it possible to get signals as quickly as there’s something brand-new noted that you ‘d wish to know about.

In a year like this when a lot of people are doing our vacation shopping online, RubyLane com is the ideal method to discover thoughtful, uncommon presents without requiring to mask up and hammer out the seasonal shopping crowds.

An exquisite selection of antique lockets from sellers on Ruby Lane. 3

Lockets: 1, 2, 3

And that’s how to purchase jewelry on Ruby Lane!

Oh my goodness, I had a difficult time investigating this post without purchasing actually every piece of jewelry on RubyLane com. My own Ruby Lane desire lists are absolutely longer now than they were prior to this post … and I didn’t even reveal you whatever I discovered.

Are you persuaded, my beloveds? Are you going to experiment with Ruby Lane for your next online treasure hun? Or is RubyLane com currently among your preferred locations to discover antique and vintage jewelry?

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Three beautiful antique rings from sellers on Ruby Lane.

Rings: 1, 2, 3

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