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Customizing your engagement ring with Lauren B leaves you with unlimited choices. We permit our customers to select every element of their unique ring from the halo design, accessory to the band, and even the shape of the band. Today we wish to talk about rounded vs. square pave bands and how the appearance varies for each style

SingleRow: Rounded

Typically with our thinnest engagement ring creates the band will have a rounded feel which is comfy and light on the hand. The rounded appearance will leave simply a touch of metal on the edges to accommodate the rounding of the metal. Our most popular style have a single row of diamonds on the band with a rounded band such as RS-63, RS-119, and RS-217 We can develop this rounded band for truly any density band you like!

SingleRow: Square

We likewise have bands with more of a square edge to them. When it concerns choosing a square band the appeal is that the diamonds reach even more along the edge of the ring developing an extremely sparkly, tidy, and contemporary appearance. The RS-46 design is the best example of this style! The square edge of the engagement ring will likewise line up completely flat with the square edge of the matching wedding event band as revealed listed below

One of our most popular and detailed styles is the 3 row pave band. This setting designs includes 3 rows of diamonds on the band. What we like about this design is that you can see the diamonds on all sides of the band for a 3 dimensional result. Customizing this band will likewise suggest that you can choose if you would like the band to look more rounded or more square.

ThreeRow Pave Band

For this style if you are not specific what to choose them we would advise to take the shape of your center stone into account. If your center stone is a rounded shape such as oval or pear then a rounded 3 row pave band will look excellent.

If your center diamond is a square or rectangle-shaped shape such as princess, glowing, or emerald cut then a 3 row square pave band is a good alternative.

Square 3 Row Band

Cushion and round center stone shapes are more of a gamble and can suit either of these classifications! Don’ t forget these are simply tips if you are having a tough time choosing however you can likewise definitely choose a square shape center stone on a rounded band for some contrast. It is all as much as you!

Rounded Pave Band