ROSE, WHITE, OR YELLOW GOLD: WHICH IS PERFECT FOR YOU ??|Jewelry Blog|Engagement Rings & Diamonds

AtLauren B, we make customized rings for center stones of all kinds, however we are best understood for our stunning settings! Whether you enjoy a traditional solitaire or an overemphasized double-edged halo style, we can make them in any metal choice: smooth white gold, luminescent yellow gold, or romantic increased gold!




White gold (and platinum) is presently the most preferred color for engagement ring settings, as it supplies an incredibly smooth appearance in between a diamond or moissanite center stone and your Lauren B setting. Perfect for anything from easy solitaires to detailed halos, this color can assist your ring appear naturally brighter and your center stone whiter!White gold does need replating gradually, a procedure which can be sped up by specific oils in the skin – we suggest staying with pure platinum if you have any extreme metal allergic reactions!




Commonly mistaken as being “trendy”, increased gold is a spectacular for engagement rings! We enjoy how stunned our customers are when they see how lovely this romantic color is on every complexion!At Lauren B, our pink increased gold shade is really soft, so it produces a beautiful shift to white gold in two-tone rings! Note that increased gold can experience porosity, so we particularly suggest 14 k so that the combined metal alloys include resilience!




Yellow gold is back, and not simply for your grandma’s wedding event ring! Classic gold is a stunning method to include contrast to a colorless diamond, or perhaps boost the color depth of a yellow diamond or colored gem! Keep in mind that yellow is gold’s natural color so it will not need replating as often as white gold!