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Little quick fact!

If you ever asked yourself why does the color grading scale start with D and not A. Well, before GIA put their system for grading in place in the 1950s lots manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers each had their own scale! Things were discombobulated and the way we talked about diamonds was not standardized.

A lot of the precursor color scales to the GIA one start with A! So when the GIA went to create their own they don’t want to use the letter A because it already had pre-conceived conceptions in the industry and they were worried things would get too mixed up. So their scale starts with D!

If you are looking for a colorless diamond DEF range is often the gold standard. According, to the GIA GH range colored diamonds, are “nearly colorless” but technically there is the presence of “some color”.

Here is what industry insiders will tell you.

1. GH diamonds usually always look colorless when in the setting. The reason for this is the GIA grade color on the diamond both face up and face down. Often, you can only see this hint of color face down. So when the diamond is set to face up, naturally it looks colorless. 

2. Many industry insiders will say they have never seen a GH any hint of color 

3. If you are looking for a colorless diamond the GH color range usually will look like a DEF diamond but offer great savings!

So that it’s! If you want a colorless diamond we encourage you to check out some GH diamonds on your journey and see if you agree with us! The picture above is my G color diamond, which we think definitely looks colorless!