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All over the world, COVID-19 has actually canceled prepared propositions that would have occurred on getaways, romantic dinner-dates, and with loved ones around. News of numerous couples being required to cancel engagement celebrations and wedding events is all over, however it ought to not discourage you from your choice to begin your life with your better half!We have numerous customers who currently have bought a ring, remain in the procedure of doing so, or are thinking of asking to get the procedure began, nevertheless, today’s couples are confronted with a typical concern: How can I propose in quarantine? Lauren B is here to advise you that love is not canceled with 5 distinct and imaginative methods to propose!


If you and your partner are happy moms and dads of a fur-baby, this one’s for you! All family pet owners consider them to be a 3rd member of the relationship, so why not have them assist propose? We think your fluffy pal will enjoy to provide an assisting hand (or 4 assisting paws!). We like concepts like thoroughly connecting your ring to a collar, proposing throughout your everyday social-distancing pet dog walk, establishing a path of deals with causing the gleaming one, or perhaps a brand-new puppy-proposal, as a lot of us are house and excited to train a little puppy!


Since you can not bring your partner to their preferred romantic dining establishment, a terrific method to propose throughout quarantine is to remodel a space into a romantic candlelit scene.Roses, candle lights, and a tasty house prepared meal or get from their preferred dining establishment will assist set the phase.Add balloons, your preferred photos together, a “Marry Me” indication or banner, and sparkling lights for some additional pizazz to make the proposition unique! The secret to this proposition strategy is keeping secrecy, so make sure to conceal the products and revamp the designated space while she’s on a long work Zoom or telephone call in another space, in the shower, sleeping, or out for groceries or a walk. Top it off with her preferred red wine or champagne and have a toast to a life time of love!


This regrettable pandemic has actually shown to be the best time to either use your cooking and baking abilities or discover a brand-new love for cooking or baking together. Test out a cupcake or cookie dish or get on the banana bread wagon depending upon your partner’s favored reward. If baking is not your strong point, you can likewise buy shipment from a regional pastry shop for some additional aid! Decorate your sweet surprise with “Will you marry me?” composed in icing, sprays, or candle light letters to top it off.You can even, extremely thoroughly, utilize the ring as itself as a topper to actually shock her! Place the deals with in a great box or on an expensive plate and provide the delicious reward to her after supper or as breakfast in bed!


Most couples have pictures of numerous memories shared together. These pictures of the 2 of you together can assist you assembled a picture-perfect proposition. You have numerous methods to do this! One is by burrowing a book and putting your photos on the front with the ring within. You can likewise customized order a picture album online or make one of your own filling every page with your preferred pictures and propose later on. You can even consist of a narrative about how you fulfilled, the very first time you stated I like you, or about how you are proposing today!This choice is extremely crafty and will take a while – which thankfully the majority of us have!

Host a Virtual Proposal Party

Whether you had actually prepared to propose with loved ones present or prepared to commemorate together later on, this concept can be done by itself or after among the propositions above! Unfortunately social distancing has actually restricted our physical interactions, however thankfully innovation has let us remain gotten in touch with our liked ones! Let your partner’s loved ones members be in on the surprise and propose with your liked ones present on video or best ahead of time! Follow it by a big surprise event with your closest loved ones. Ask your celebration guests to put their preferred beverages, embellish their backgrounds with indications and balloons, and gown for the event.Have everybody raise a glass and cheers to your effective engagement!

If you or your partner has actually proposed or strategy to propose with a Lauren B ring throughout quarantine let us understand by tagging us on instagram or emailing your sales associate pictures of the unique minute! We like showcasing our customers like stories on our Instagram and getting the word out that like is NOT canceled!