Promise Rings and the Meaning of Commitment Rings

What are Promise Rings?

A guarantee ring symbolises the love and dedication in between 2 people in a romantic relationship. Alternative names consist of a dedication ring or a pre-engagement ring.

Commitment rings make a popular option for young couples. As the name recommends, they symboli z e a pledge or commitment to another individual.

Many couples in the UK will not recognize with the term due to its appeal in the U.S.A.. However, this kind of ring has actually acquired appeal over current years.

Typically, plain or stone set, they are offered to an enjoyed one. Stone set rings may consist of diamonds or gems.

An appropriate ring for couples beginning in their relationship

For young couples with little cash, an engagement ring can be pricey. But, a dedication ring functions as a stand-in ring provided well prior to engagement.

This ring need not be of considerable worth however marks an emotional development and a financial investment in the relationship.

Many guys feel they have a monetary responsibility to acquire a pricey ring. B ut, Remember that everybody’s scenarios and financial resources vary. For example, a trainee with instructional financial obligation would have a hard time to invest greatly in a pricey diamond ring.

A s an outcome, we produce lots of rings in alternative inexpensive rare-earth elements. For example, Sterling Silver or 9-caratGold By the exact same token, little diamonds or affordable gems decrease the expense.

What do Promise Style Rings Mean?

Abstinence and Purity Rings

Purity rings d iffer in indicating from pre-engagement ring s. They symboli z e physical a bstinence in a relationship and set a pointer to make this sacrifice.

M ore notably, pureness calls cel ebrate abstaining prior to marital relationship

Engraved engagement ring featuring a secret flush set diamond

Example of a bespoke engagement ring/promise ring with a spiritual inscription and secret diamond.

Religion,Love and Commitment

Purity rings link highly with religious beliefs. In truth, some Nuns wear PurityRings They make signs of betrothal to their divine partner.

Plain gold bands make an easy declaration. In truth, plain rings connect to spiritual pureness and easy life.

Ring styles for guys?

Remember, both males and females use emotional rings. For this factor, we recom fix you c hoose a ring style you will enjoy to use in your special selected design.

For guys, plain bands make a popular option, beginning with a plain Silver or Titanium band as a less-expensive alternative. Popular widths differ from 5mm as much as 7mm, customised with a distinct inscription.

Original concepts for dedication rings

We have lots of excellent concepts for special and motivating rings. The following tips are for both her and him.

Fingerprint rings for couples

Fingerprint rings make ideal dedication rings for her. Alternatively, they make popular wedding event rings. They make lovely rings for males and females and can be found in various width choices.

We deal with every design of wedding event band in many widths and sizes. In addition, we etch on light, medium and heavy-weight wedding event ring styles.

As a recommendation, attempt a mix of one style inscribed throughout both rings.

For example, o ur heart-patterned finger print rings make an amazing matching set of rings. To describe our procedure, couples acquire each ring on our site. Next, we send a finger print package. Then, as soon as returned, we boost the finger prints and produce the heart style. Finally, this crosses both rings. Once inscribed, we polish the rings for the outcome as revealed listed below.

Heart fingerprint rings set for bride and groom

Two finger prints in one heart pattern. A beautiful concept for a dedication ring. (Find out more on our site).

Signet rings with customised information.

The inscribed signet ring supplies another special ring concept.

We include any result to signet rings. For example, a monogram of a partner’s name as revealed listed below.

Monogram signet ring on finger

Our good friend Jesse designs his brand-new signet ring, inscribed with a Gothic letter “B” representing his fiancé Beth’s name.

Over the years, we have laser-engraved heart beats, city horizons, range of mountains, infinity signs and even logo designs from popular video game.In truth, we include any style you desire.

Furthermore, we have both male and female signet rings in every shapes and size readily available, with or without a finger print or individual inscription.

Please take a look at a few of the special impacts we have actually contributed to a few of our previous rings.

Mens and ladies signet rings perfect for a commitment ring with elegant detail

Two special concepts for promise-styled rings set with pink sapphires.

DiamondSolitaire Designs

Solitaire rings provide a timeless option. Versatile in style, many display a diamond or gems with a single diamond

Thousands of styles exist. Some easy, some complex. From traditional six-claw settings to stylish twist ring designs

Most of our diamond rings can be inscribed with an individual message– a pledge in between you- or we can use a best emotional message in any typeface you require.

Engraved diamond rings make remarkable for dedication, readily available throughout a number of our ring styles. We will assist you to select a licensed diamond or a diamond with details on its origin. Our CanadaMark diamonds show up with information on where the rock came from.

Many of our qualified diamond engagement rings with inscriptions make an outstanding option for purchasers with a significant spending plan trying to find a pricey pledge ring.

Remember that your diamond option impacts the ring’s worth and expense. For example, carat weight, cut, clearness and colour all affect the worth of a diamond

Engraved solitaire ring, perfect as a promise ring with an engraving around the band.

Destiny revealed inscribed with a really individual message in white Gold

3 Stone Promise Rings

The trilogy or three-stone pledge ring is a fantastic concept. Three- stone diamonds are more inexpensive than a single stone of the exact same carat weight. View a total collection of 3 stone ring styles, all appropriate as three-stone pledge rings.

Men's diamond band in a heavyweight platinum set with flush-set diamonds.
3 stone Trilogy style ring with blue sapphire and diamonds

GemstoneCommitment Rings

Gemstone rings make outstanding dedication rings. Furthermore, they provide lots of scope throughout various budget plans. For example, Aquamarine makes a budget-friendly gems ring option

Your level of dedication stays an individual element. The expense of the ring makes no declaration on the depth of significance. Whether you select a pricey ring or a low-cost ring, this is your option.

Bespoke Blue Zircon and Diamond Cluster made by bespoke design.

BlueZircon and diamond cluster ring crafted for among our regional customers.

Alternatively,Tourmaline works extremely well. As a recommendation, why not research study your partner’s birthstone and think about a gems ring? Add a little gems to a band, or opt for a big gem for the ring’s centerpiece.

PinkSapphire and Diamonds

Perhaps the pink sapphire is the very best recommendation for a pink stone pledge ring. With or without diamonds, pink sapphires provide any diamond ring a dynamic burst of pink

Tickled Pink ring from Serendipity Diamonds.

On what finger is a pledge ring used?

What finger do you use a pledge ring? Worn as a pre-engagement ring, it goes on the 2nd from the left hand’s last digit.

The ring finger of the left hand ultimately holds the engagement ring. The 2nd from the last digit includes the Vena- amoris capillary. This capillary streams to the heart. Discover in more information the proper finger for engagement rings

Where to get a customised pledge ring

A custom-made ring style includes a higher depth of belief. An inscribed word or expression will provide a distinct aim to the ring.

Birthstone rings and etching concepts

Consider a plain or birthstone ring with an individual message or engraving. Our laser inscription makes a welcome addition to any ring style.

  1. Purity rings inscribed with each other’s names (most popular)
  2. Important date– when a couple began dating or a compass bearing to celebrate an area.
  3. Pet names– labels in between a couple
  4. A guarantee– drawn up to advise the user of their promise or objective
  5. Dating names– usernames and log-ins– in some cases from online dating usernames.
  6. Phrases– a single sentence that binds a couple, whether this is a line of poetry or a preferred lyric from a tune
  7. A spiritual quote or chapter inscribed in a proper typeface
  8. Fingerprints
  9. Actual heart beats
  10. We produce dedication rings, and wedding event rings, with laser inscriptions. Some have secret diamonds. A diamond functions as a separator in between expressions or words. But keep in mind, it needs a minimum depth to accommodate the depth of your stone.
  11. A logo design, typical style or concrete sign.

Commissioning an inscribed ring dedication ring style

Engraved assure rings make one of the most effect with really individual information used. For example, a handwritten message goes much even more than a stamped date

Use the internal area for a secret message to your enjoyed one. Then, compose it on paper, scan and email it to us from throughout the world. Then, we will use this by laser inscription, as displayed in the 2 examples listed below.

Brushed finish rose gold ring with handwritten engraving
Engraved wedding band with heart and message

What are the Posie Rings?

Posie rings (not Posy rings) come from as early as the 15 thCentury French and English examples. Most were easy plain bands with a short emotional engraving included.

Text appeared in English, French andLatin Posie rings provide a rustic, hand-engraved appearance. It is possible to reproduce the appearance of Posie rings. This concept, hardly ever seen in jewellery store windows, makes a really special Promise ring concept.

Claddagh rings

What are Claddagh rings? Many jewellers offer Claddagh rings– standard Irish rings representing love, relationship and commitment. The designs, origins and custom-mades came from the Irish fishing town of Claddagh inGalway

The distinct design and schedule of Claddagh ring creates make them a popular variation of a pledge ring. Each ring includes a heart (love), crown (commitment) and hands (representing relationship).

Promise rings and the world of marketing

Finally, a short word on the terrific world of marketing. Some will unquestionably see them as a method to market and offer more rings. The reality is that these rings have actually existed for several years in one kind or another, from the betrothal rings in ancient times.

Interestingly, they skyrocketed in appeal with the development of the web. Commitment rings, engagement rings, right-hand rings and halo rings– these are simply a few of the designs with massive focus online. The pre-engagement ring supplies a significant chance for a budget-friendly surprise ring, permitting couples to select the supreme engagement ring together.

Rings catching your extremely own heart beat

How unbelievable would it be to get your real heart beat rhythm in the ring? Our most current idea assists couples include their heart rhythm to a product of jewellery. We laser etch each piece of jewellery with an accuracy ‘pulse’ inscription.

Believe it or not, rings with a heart beat are authentic. I n truth, w e utilize advanced innovation throughout the procedure.

First, we offer an ECG gadget. Clients purchase this as part of the procedure to produce the rings. Later, as soon as the heart beat has actually been included, we reimburse the gadget as soon as returned.

For this factor, we send it outWorldwide As an outcome, we provide this service for many ring designs 4mm and wider. Furthermore, we press this service out to customers in lots of nations– for instance, the UK, U.S.A., Canada andAustralia

Once finished, customers return the gadget. Finally, we reimburse the expense of the ECG reader. To clarify, customers purchase the ECG gadget independently at the start.

Heartbeat styles frequently surge the attention of couples engaged and wedding event preparation and offer a best method to personalize any wedding event band, for instance, on the external surface area of the ring. Or contributed to the inner surface area, concealed from view.

Find out more about including a heart beat to your ring.

When to order your wedding rings, showing heartbeat rings taking around 5-6 weeks to create

View our uncommon ring styles within a collection including lots of personalized impacts.

The DeBeers Ring & & alternative dedication rings

Interestingly, a top quality Promise ring exists. It was presented over the last few years by DeBeers. The DeBeers assure ring functions cross-over diamond shoulders. Owing to the trademark name, anticipate to pay an extremely high cost for the DeBeers ring.


Alternatively, anybody thinking about DeBeer’s ring might look for a comparable style. Or, maybe, a conventional eternity ring. Interestingly, bespoke jewellery enables anybody to produce a distinct ring style. This style frequently takes impact from other designs.

How much do pledge rings cost?

Cost does differ from one ring to another. An inexpensive Sterling silver pledge ring might cost just $10 Whereas a diamond ring is most likely to cost much more.

In contrast, anticipate to pay upwards of $200– $300 for an inscribed pledge ring.

SterlingSilver Rings

SterlingSilver provides a budget-friendly metal for a Promise ring. But beware when it pertains to fragile products made inSilver Thin Silver rings tend to flex out of shape. Besides, Silver does not have the resilience of other metal options.

Silver stays popular for Promise and Commitment rings– particularly those used momentarily prior to the engagement ring.

Platinum,Palladium and 18 ct Gold

For a more resilient ring, select Platinum, Palladium or 18 ctGold Today, Palladium is extremely pricey. Rising Palladium rates suggest that Platinum is a much better metal for a much better cost.

9ct Gold and 18 ct Gold provide another option. Both qualities can be found in Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold options.

RoseGold and Yellow Gold provide customers a warm metal colour with Autumnal tips

18 ct Gold is more resilient than 9ctGold Many purchasers improperly think about 9ct Gold to be more resilient. 18 ct Gold has a greater Gold material and is harder to use.

Out of interest, we update lots of customers to Platinum for numerous factors.

Platinum supplies a naturally white metal option for rings. We went over a number of the advantages of Platinum in a few of our alternative article.

Introducing the “Meetaversary” Ring

A MeetaversaryRing explains a ring to commemorate the date a couple as soon as satisfied. Popular with more youthful purchasers, the Meetaversary Ring commemorates a year after a couple satisfied.

Presenting the ring

Perhaps, you have an excellent concept of how to provide a ring. Or check out concepts for the ideal minute. Just guarantee you have the ring prior to making strategies.

Funnily, we discovered a number of videos on the topic. For example, the following video works a little magic into the procedure.

Ordering your ring style

Before including any style to a plain ring, we suggest. you examine your finger size prior to etching.


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