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Today’sLauren B Diamond Difference has to do with a typically asked for subject that we have yet to cover completely information; emerald cut diamonds. This shape is by far the most classy diamond cut; due to the fact that of its step-cut faceting it offers an off downplayed luster with big flashes of shimmer originating from its long/linear faceting pattern. While other shapes been available in and out of fashion, emerald cuts resemble the consistent horse in the race that will constantly have an ageless appeal. As far as ring styles emerald cuts are rather flexible however most customers choose them in our non-halo styles; either in our fragile micropave settings or as the center piece in a three-stone mix.

We are going to very first concentrate on percentages and have actually prepared these 4 emerald cut diamonds each weighing around 3 carats to utilize as examples (ensure to see the above video for graph!). Of course, everybody can have their own choice regarding how your diamond must look nevertheless, there are particular standards to think about; specifically for emerald cuts. You will hear us point out in the above video the length to width ratio frequently and this is just taking the millimeter height measurement of the stone from leading to bottom and dividing that by the millimeter width measurement of the stone from side to side.

Follow along in the above video as we take a close take a look at these 4 emerald cut diamonds. You can see right now that although they are comparable carat weights they all look rather various and everything come down to how they are cut.

First up, (3.04 e-vs2) The stone on the far left is what we like to call”no man’s land” It’s not square sufficient to be thought about an asscher cut and not long enough to have that timeless emerald cut look. This stone has a length to width ratio of around 1.15:1.

Next, we have a stone that is what we think about to be the timeless emerald cut shape. This stone has a ratio of 1.35:1 which is generally the best happy medium for many customers. As you can see compared to the previous diamond it has a far more stylish look and what you would picture an emerald cut diamond to appear like. Because its aspects are longer it will offer you the big flashes of shimmer the emerald cut is understood for.

The 3rd stone is what we like to call an”elongated emerald cut” It is still within the appropriate series of length to width ratios and is available in at around 1.47:1. This type of diamond is extremely well cut and is the best choice for somebody who desires more finger protection while still preserving the general emerald cut look. As you can see compared to the previous stone both are gorgeous and very well cut; the choice in between these 2 is simply a matter of choice and we would not state one stone is “better” than the other.

Finally, we have a really slim emerald cut that practically appears like a baguette. This stone has a length to width ratio of practically 1.6:1, which is well above what you must be going for in an emerald cut diamond. While in the beginning look it might appear bigger than the others, it is really too narrow and does not permit the stone enough area to actually shimmer. The aspects are extremely condensed and you do not get that real emerald cut shine.

While on the topic of emerald cuts we are going to rapidly dive into clearness and color. Because emerald cuts have an open table and action cut aspects particular additions that remain in the center of the stone can quickly be seen without zoom. This is why it is essential to primarily concentrate on diamonds with grades of VS2 or much better to guarantee your diamond is eye tidy. For color, you can be more lax as the saturation is more difficult to identify due to that very same action cut faceting. The stone left wing is a “D” color while the stone on the right is 3 grades lower at “H” however it is not something that many observers can identify right now. For that factor we advise anywhere from J color and above for emerald cuts as a safe location to be in.

As you can see there are a great deal of various aspects to think about when looking for an emerald cut diamond. That finishes up our POUND Diamond distinction sector and if you are looking for the best emerald cut engagement ring do not be reluctant to call us at Lauren B!

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