People Are Shaving Off Their Brows For The "Fox Eye" Challenge

Fresh off the DollyParton and Broomstick difficulties comes the most recent viral feeling to sweep social networks: the Fox EyeChallenge Believe it or not, TikTok users are slashing off the outdoors half of their eyebrows to produce the impression of “fox-like” eyes shared by designs KendallJenner and BellaHadid

Scroll through a few of the videos, and you’ll begin to see a pattern. First, there’s the apparent shock aspect when the user takes a razor to his/her eyebrows and clears off whatever from the arch to the tail. Then, after a couple of amusing postures with their half-brows, they start booking a brand-new straighter eyebrow shape from their arches up towards their temples.

Sounds insane, best? But on TikTok, #FoxEye videos have actually acquired almost 4 million views— and have quite combined responses. While some individuals are happily shocked with their eyebrow improvements, others aren’t so pleased with the outcomes.

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I attempted that straight eyebrow pattern. I believe I like it #foxeye #eyebrow #makeup #fyp #xyzbca

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Tried the #foxeye thingy! #makeup #foxeyetrend #dojacat

♬ bish im a cow– smoltammy

Some have actually discovered a less-drastic method to take part in the pattern by utilizing glue or concealer– instead of a razor– to cover their arches. If you wish to attempt that, Benefit Cosmetics Global Brow Expert, JaredBailey, recommends patting high-coverage concealer over the outdoors hairs prior to setting them with matte highlighter or powder. Then merely shade in your straighter shape utilizing a powder or pencil. “Using a matte highlighter rather than shimmer will make the brow appear even more realistic and keep the overall look clean” he states.


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However, if you have actually chosen you actually wish to opt for the modification– and the day-to-day dedication of drawing your eyebrows on– star eyebrow stylist JoeyHealy warns versus utilizing a 5-blade or straight razor, as seen in some videos. “Straight blades can be far too dangerous,” he alerts, recommending a serrated facial razor rather. “With serrated, there’s less of a chance of cutting the skin.” He likewise alerts versus lubricating representatives like shaving cream, which disguises the eyebrow and puts you at danger of removing more than you want. “The brow hair is not particularly course, so light strokes on clean, dry skin are best,” he includes.

Of course, even with these preventative measures, we do not always suggest it. Take it from the experience of a ’90 s kid who flinches at her over-plucked slim eyebrows: This may return to haunt you– unlike that broom standing in your kitchen area.

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