Peacock Sapphires – The True Beauty of the Peacock Sapphire Rings

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Peacock sapphires expose a mix of blue and green colours. As an outcome, their colour looks like the lively colours of a rainbowlike Peacock plume.

In some cultures, Peacocks represent confidence, self-confidence, self-respect, improvement, understanding, sexuality, pride, and beauty.

Macro photo of a Peacock’s plume. Image copyright– author.

The rarity and origin of blue-green Sapphires

A green secondary colour within a blue sapphire originates from the existence of iron within the stone. If the green colour comprises more than 15% of the total colour of the Sapphire, the term blue-green can be utilized. Alternatively, we would describe the Sapphire as a ‘Peacock’ Sapphire for this factor.

Blue- green Sapphires originate from numerous sources consisting of India, Sri Lanka and Montana, U.S.A.. Their worth depends upon various aspects, consisting of the strength of colour. Some examples show soft tones of blue and green with less vibrance.

Conversely, better stones provide vibrant tones of attractive blue and green. Both the shapes and size of the gems affect the expense and rarity. At the exact same time, natural colour with no heat treatment assists to include worth to theSapphire


PeacockSapphire Rings

Over the years, we have actually produced various examples of Peacock Sapphire rings. Interestingly, most consist of the addition of diamonds. White diamonds graded F colour or above include contrast and assist the colour of a Sapphire stand apart within the ring style. Peacock Sapphire engagement rings make a terrific option owing to their uncommon colouration and toughness compared to other gems types.

Peacock sapphire engagement ring set with an octagonal blue-green Sapphire in between diamonds.

Bespoke ring styles

Owing to the rarity and variation of Sapphires, we make most rings through our bespoke style service. As an outcome, we source the best gems, style the ring and produce the most unbelievable unique jewellery styles. At the heart of our work, we source rare-earth elements and gems properly from throughout theWorld


Peacock sapphire oval and diamond bespoke engagement ring
Bespoke example of a Peacock Sapphire oval and diamond engagement ring with more soft tones.


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