Our Favorite Affordable Engagement Rings Under $2,000

An engagement ring is among life’s most considerable purchases, in more methods than one! AtBrilliant Earth, we comprehend that an engagement ring is not just a huge present to represent an unique dedication, however a financial investment too.

One of the greatest elements in your engagement ring shopping experience is setting a budget plan and adhering to it. There are numerous lovely and special choices readily available for budget friendly engagement rings Of course, the significance of “affordable” is subjective, and while budget plans might vary, everyone has one– continue reading to take advantage of yours!

OurFavorite Affordable Engagement Rings Under $2,000

PetiteShared Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

This pretty ring functions large shimmer that extends midway around the ring. The center gem appears to drift above the fragile band.

PetiteTwisted Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

This lovely white diamond ring includes a glittering hair of pavé diamonds laced with a glossy ribbon of rare-earth element.

AriaDiamond Engagement Ring

Classic simpleness specifies this fragile setting, which includes a thin, valuable metal band that carefully tapers towards a pear-shaped diamond accent on each side of the center gem.

PetiteElodie Engagement Ring

This stylish solitaire includes an open basket with claw prongs that cradle the center gem. The small band and yellow gold rare-earth element contributes to the streamlined, timeless appearance of this ring.

ElleEngagement Ring

This classic white solitaire diamond ring includes a small band that tapers approximately welcome the center gems in fragile claw prongs.

BalladDiamond Engagement Ring

This timeless white diamond engagement ring includes gleaming scalloped pavé diamonds that extend one half of the method around the ring. The center gem appears to drift above the fragile band.

Four-ProngPetite Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

Petite and fragile, this timeless yellow gold setting has actually a rounded inside edge for increased convenience.

WillowDiamond Engagement Ring

Wispy vines of rare-earth element entwine towards shiny marquise diamond buds in this nature-inspired trellis ring.

Tips for Finding an Affordable Engagement Ring

1. Set your spending plan initially

In our engagement ring guide, we advise that you thoroughly consider your spending plan prior to shopping. Despite what you might have heard, there is no “rule” about just how much you must invest in a ring. Everyone will have a various costs convenience level, and you must appreciate yours. It is necessary to comprehend what you can and wish to purchase this purchase prior to you start your search. Many clients pick to benefit from Brilliant Earth’s funding and versatile payment choices. Regardless of your spending plan, you will have a breadth of options from which you can pick your ideal engagement ring.

2. Determine which of the 4 Cs matter to you

Our diamond stock is extensive, and particularly crafted to be inclusive of all rate varieties and designs. Understanding the 4 C’s, cut, color, carat weight, and clearness can assist you determine the diamond that is finest for your spending plan and ring. To discover the ideal diamond for you, we advise picking a diamond shape and after that discovering a balance in between size and quality. Ourjewelry specialists enjoy to assist you pick a diamond that provides the very best worth for your spending plan, and they have great deals of expert recommendations to share to assist you produce your dream ring.For example, round fantastic diamonds comprise about 75% of all diamond purchases, which implies that, as an outcome of supply and need, you can conserve approximately 40% by picking a spectacular elegant shaped diamond, such as a cushion, oval, pear, glowing, or asscher cut diamond. Also, if you pick a yellow gold or increased gold setting you can pick a diamond with a lower color grade (and a lower cost) and it will still look brilliant white.

3. Be open up to various center stone choices

One method to save money on your engagement ring is by going with a laboratory diamond center stone Lab- produced diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically the like naturally mined diamonds however expense less than mined diamonds of equivalent size and quality (significance you can get more for less). They are an outstanding alternative for a budget-friendly and sustainable engagement ring. Learn more about laboratory vs natural diamonds in our laboratory diamond guide.

Consider going with some color. A sapphire is a dynamic and distinct option for an engagement ring center stone that can assist you acquire a bigger stone while investing less cash. Many brides-to-be are drawn to the deep blue colors of sapphire engagement rings, however bear in mind that sapphires likewise been available in a series of beautiful yellow, white, and pink colors. If you desire a light-hued engagement ring, decide for a pale yellow or pink sapphire as your center gem. Sapphires set perfectly with smaller sized accent diamonds to produce a marvelous ring. To see a range of beautiful colored gems that provide worth in contrast to diamonds, search our collection of special colored gems, that includes sapphires in numerous colors, emeralds, garnets, morganites, and more.

If you like the shimmer of a diamond and are not wishing to compromise carat size, going with a diamond simulant such as a moissanite is a fantastic option. Diamond simulants are made to appear like diamonds however are totally various gems that are appreciable from diamonds with the naked eye. Moissanite is a popular diamond option that is cherished for its special radiance and severe sturdiness. Learn more about this special gems born from the stars in our guide to moissanites vs diamonds

Many brides-to-be are picking a non-traditional engagement ring that does not include a highlighted center gems. These lovely diamond bands are progressively demanded as engagement ring options. These rings do not include a bigger center gems however still provide amazing information and the beautiful shimmer of diamonds. Many individuals look for this alternative for a distinct appearance, or for a design that is more suitable with an active way of life. Discover our collection of diamond-accented bands.

4. Utilize a comprehensive setting

A proven method to make an engagement ring more captivating while appreciating your spending plan is to pick a more in-depth setting. Because the rate of a center diamond increases with size, smaller sized accent diamonds are far more budget friendly than bigger diamonds. Choosing an engagement ring style with diamond accents or side stones is a clever method to make the most of shimmer while remaining within your spending plan. One fantastic alternative is a halo engagement ring, which includes a center gems totally surrounded by stunning diamond accents that produce the look of a bigger center gem. Accent diamonds aside, picking unique information, such as hand-engraving, filigree, or milgrain, can make a ring appearance really luxe, even with a modest-sized center diamond and low expense.

5. Consider all rare-earth elements

Platinum is a popular option for engagement ring settings, due to its sturdiness and enticing surface, however it is one of the more expensive choices. White gold, yellow gold, or increased gold are all sensational rare-earth element options that are more modest in rate than platinum. If you like the silvery white patina of platinum, think about a white gold setting, which provides resemblance in structure and look at a lower rate.


BrilliantEarth has an entirely customized method to jewelry, and we invite you to seek advice from us by phone, online, or in among our display room areas to assist you develop your dream engagement ring within your spending plan.