Online Quick Jewelry Repairs – Your Prayers Have Been Answered — Gem Hunt

The number one thing I hear from people is how do you find a jeweler that you can trust?

Because of the nature of the business, many people think they only have access to what’s driving distance or local options. And we all know, sometimes these options ain’t that great or aka trustworthy. Local jewelers with a monopoly on location can gouge you on price, provide sub-par work, and take weeks to turn around a simple ring sizing.

Enter Quick Jewelry Repairs

I was super excited to learn about this new company because I am always a fan of anyone doing anything innovative in the jewelry industry and bonus, I believe more options are always good for the consumer. You no longer have to rely on your local jeweler for repair work and trust me that’s a good thing. 

Ring sizing? Replacing a watch battery? Polishing grandma’s bracelet? Rodhium plating? Prong repair? Replacing a missing piece of diamond pave? Quick Jewelry Repairs has got your back. They are located in New York aka jewelry mecca and decades of jewelry experience. You have a problem – they can fix it. 


It’s as easy as ordering Thai food. Simply snap a pic of your repair, upload it with a description and receive upfront transparent pricing (no surprises here!) and a free mailing label. Mail you repair in and they will fix it speed and excellent craftsmanship and ship it back to you. 

But don’t just trust my words – have road tested them for myself. I personally sent in Grandma’s charm bracelet (see pictures above) which is very near and dear to my heart. She was beaten up, mangled and broken. They put her back together just like she was new and honestly that very special to me. 

Quick Jewelry Repairs is a total game changer for everyone and people without access to a jeweler they trust. I hope you will check them out!

You can find Quick Jewelry Repairs online at

This post was in partnership with Quick Jewelry Repairs.