Must Read: What’s the Point of a Fashion Magazine Now?, How 5 Very Different Brands Are Handling E-Commerce


These are the stories making headings in fashion on Friday.

What’s the point of a fashion publication now?
In a world that continues to be wrecked by the coronavirus pandemic, fashion publications are being required to handle truth. Monthly publications with a big readership base are normally produced a couple of months in the past striking newsstands, so most publications striking racks now will have no reference of coronavirus In Design editor LauraBrown didn’t wish to wait 2 months to address Covid-19, so she released a digital copy online. Brown informed TheNew York Times, “Offering some escapism and glamour is still crucial, however I’m less paranoid now about getting this celeb for that cover, or an item special … readers are stating they wish to see the daily females presently doing amazing things being commemorated. We require to reveal that we are listening to them.” {TheNew York Times}