More Miami antique program favorites.

All right, my beloveds. I assured you more treasures from the Miami Antique Show, and I mean to provide!

I hope you’re prepared for more marvelous antique gems, since they’re comin’ at ya.

A breathtaking Victorian era brooch from Poli Trading Co. Diamonds in yellow gold with enamel detailing.

I believed we ‘d begin here, simply in case you were fretted I didn’t conserve anything incredible for the 2nd part of the wrap-up. Can you even with this Victorian age brooch?

This infant is from Poli Trading Co and I wish to use it on my bosom every day.

An extremely cool banded agate and diamond pendant! Edwardian era, spotted at Maryanntiques.

Hello, gorgeous. This pendant from Maryanntiques is a best example of my really preferred type of antique jewelry: it’s not the most significant or the sparkiest gem, however there’s simply something about it that makes it alluring.

Look at those pretty platinum swoops, those hanging pearls and– many of all– that completely sculpted banded agate stone. Is it expected to be a hot air balloon or does it simply type of look like one? We’ll never ever understand, however I understand I enjoy questioning.

Antique rings from Lucy Verity!! Gold with turquoise, coral, pearls, and other pretty stones. Victorian and Georgian era, mostly.

If you understand me at all, you understand I have a weak point for antique blue-green rings, particularly from the Victorian and Georgian periods.

This is an entire handful of blue-green beloveds from Lucy Verity (and a couple of turquoise-adjacent appeals). I would gladly have actually taken house every among these.

A beautiful Art Nouveau era belt buckle with amethyst and enamel detailing. Spotted at Ishy Antiques.

I do not understand if I have actually ever included a belt buckle on Diamonds in the Library previously, however this ArtNouveaubeauty from Ishy Antiques more than deserves its minute in the sun. Isn’ t it terrific?

If my belts looked more like this, I ‘d purchase more clothing with belt loops.

An incredible pair of Art Deco era jade earrings with diamonds and onyx. From Pam Benson at the Miami Antique Show.

An unbelievable set of ArtDeco age jade earrings with diamonds and onyx.

Aren’ t they simply best? It’s tough to beat jade + diamonds + onyx. Spotted at Pam Benson.

An early Victorian ivory portrait locket from 1840. The back says 'Bernadotte.' At The Spare Room Antiques.

I keep psychologically describing this picture as the gentleman in “regimentals,” however I have no concept what a Regency age regimental consistent appear like or if this fellow is possibly using one, however I have actually checked out enough Jane Austen that I simply presume any male in uniform from the 1800’s ought to be explained that method.

This wonderful ivory picture mini was at The Spare RoomAntiques Let’s get better:

Detail view of an early Victorian ivory portrait locket from 1840. The back says 'Bernadotte.' At The Spare Room Antiques.

Have you observed the very best part? He is USING AN EARRING.

The piece likewise has one uncommon determining mark: there is a paper in a locket compartment on the back that just states “Bernadotte.”

Is he a pirate impersonated a solider? Is he simply a baller? Please inform me your ideas.

Two beautiful antique necklaces from The Gold Hatpin, one sapphire and one cameo.

Is there anything prettier than an Art Deco age filigree pendant? They’re so simple to enjoy, too. They might be 100 years of ages however anybody might use either of these tomorrow without requiring to purchase a brand-new clothing to opt for them.

This beautiful blue sapphire and cameo both appear like they’re captured up in gorgeous spiderwebs. They are from The Gold Hatpin.

An utterly incredible antique diamond flower necklace!!! Spotted at Spicer Warin.

How ridiculously spectacular is this pendant??

It’s a wonder of flowers all chose in diamonds and beautifully articulated. This infant was likewise at Spicer Warin’s cubicle.

An utterly incredible antique diamond flower necklace!! Spotted at Spicer Warin.

Here’s a more detailed see! Look at the stylish swoop of those leaf edges. So dreamy.

Two utterly stunning and rare Art Nouveau rings by Eugene Feuillatre, who also worked with Rene Lalique.

Oh, hi, small and best Art Nouveau work of arts!

These 2 rings are whatever I enjoy about the ArtNouveau age Look at the fragile colors of the enamel, the subtle information of the settings, the sensual curves of the pieces’ shapes! Both pieces are by Eugene Feuillatre, a kept in mind enameler who likewise dealt with the one and just Rene Lalique.

The ring on the right is additional uncommon since it’s platinum, instead of gold! Extraordinary and terribly stunning. Spotted at PalaisRoyal Hong Kong.

A beautiful antique Essex crystal fox brooch with a horseshoe motif. From The Spare Room antiques.

This wonderful crystal fox brooch is likewise from The Spare Room! If you purchase both this brooch and the not-regimental gentleman above, you can enact searching scenes with them.

Will the male hunt the fox or the fox hunt the male? It’s as much as you how avant garde you wish to be.

An incredible Georgian era necklace! Now in the collection of Fred Leighton.

Oh my goodness, this pendant.

I fulfilled this pendant at the Miami Antique Show, however it has actually given that discovered a brand-new location: it’s presently in the collection of the famous FredLeighton I can’t inform you how fired up I was when I learnt where it wound up. Such a remarkable piece!

An incredible, colorful Georgian era necklace! Now in the collection of Fred Leighton.

Here’s a more detailed look. I have actually never ever seen another Georgian piece of this size and amazing color mix. I still can’t think I got to attempt it on!

I hope you have actually enjoyed my wrap-ups of the MiamiAntique Show!! There’s a bit more coming at you– a couple of pieces that required to stand alone– however you’re mainly captured up now.

Thanks to United States Antique Shows for hosting me for the 2018 Original Miami AntiqueShow