More colored gems from AGTA’s 2022 SpectrumAwards

I assured you a Part 2 with more colored gems from AGTA’s 2022 Spectrum Awards Editor’s Day and I am here to provide!

As a refresher, the AmericanGemstone Trade Association (AGTA)Spectrum Awards are an annual competitors that collect jewelry and gems submissions from a few of the finest jewelry experts and lapidary artists in the nation. Before they sent this year’s contest entries back, AGTA flew me to Texas to (extremely thoroughly and respectfully) have fun with them all.

The occasion was held at the marvelous Arkenstone Gallery of Fine Minerals, which I highly advise checking out if you enjoy this sort of thing. What you see above is me andMr DitL geeking out over Arkenstone’s T. Rex skull– and naturally presenting my T.Rex skeleton locket to its ancient cousin.

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Spinel engagement ring by Omi Prive. With 3.11 ct cushion-cut cobalt blue Spinel, accented with Hauyne, Paraiba Tourmaline, and diamonds. Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

I informed you in my very first wrap-up post that spinel was among the standout stones of the 2022 Spectrum Awards, however I didn’t have a possibility to reveal you all of the spinels I succumbed to.

This engagement ring was among my preferred spinel pieces. It’s by OmiPrive, who is truly well-known for their remarkable gems. Look at it radiance! It includes a 3.11 ct cushion-cut cobalt blue Spinel, accentuated with hauyne, Paraiba tourmaline, and diamonds. Rare and remarkable.

Many of the most interesting style minutes in the 2022 Spectrum Awards originated from the guys’s classification, like this streamlined tourmaline ring. Look at its angles, its information!

This is the SpectraGold Atlantis ring by Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry, including a 13.50 ct Indicolite tourmaline accentuated with diamonds in 14 K yellow gold. The tourmaline is excellent, however it’s the thoughtful positioning of those side diamonds that truly kills me.

18K rose gold Hummingbird necklace with blue Sapphires, green Garnets, pink Sapphires, and Diamonds. By LeVian. Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

This one is so quite, isn’t it?

It’s an 18 K increased gold Hummingbird locket with blue sapphires, green garnets, pink sapphires, and diamonds, by LeVian. I specifically enjoy the color contrast in between the hummingbird’s pink sapphire throat and emerald eyes.

It simply isn’t an AGTA occasion up until I have actually discovered a brand-new CampbellianCollection piece to fall for. Aren’ t these dreamy? I enjoy the moonstones themselves, however the frilled settings and pale blue sapphires are the best accents to the amazing center stones.

ThisCampbellian Collection moonstone ring includes a 11.03 ct moonstone, 24 blue sapphires, and diamonds; while the earrings function 11.45 carats of moonstone, in addition to 4.36 cts of blue sapphires and diamonds.

Platinum and 18K gold Je T'Aime ring with a hidden message! Featuring 2.55 cts of blue-green Sapphire and a  cabochon Ruby. By Remy Rotenier. Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

At very first glimpse, this ring seems a thick guys’s band covered in blue-green sapphires. But if you look more carefully, you’ll find there’s a secret door that opens to expose a gold-lined compartment with a ruby heart and the sweet message, “je t’aime.”

This platinum and 18 K gold ring is by Remy Rotenier and includes 2.55 cts of blue-green sapphire and a cabochon ruby. One of the coolest style minutes in the 2022 Spectrum Awards.

Thisbeauty was among the day’s winners: it took top place in the Business/DayWear classification.

Made by Zoltan David, this “Into the Mystic” cuff bracelet by is made from vibrant steel, platinum, and gold and functions Tsavorite garnets, blue sapphires, and diamonds.

18K yellow gold and black ceramic ring with a 4.03 ct. natural fancy deep yellow Diamond and tsavorite Garnets. By Jeffrey Bilgore. Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

We definitely should discuss this ring, that made AGTA history by winning top place in the 2022 Spectrum Awards Evening Wear classification … as a diamond.

I didn’t even recognize that diamonds were qualified to win Spectrum Awards, however I talked to this year’s judges and they all concurred that this piece were so amazing that it simply needed to get the leading area.

This showstopper of a ring includes a 4.03 ct. natural expensive deep yellow diamond in 18 K yellow gold and black ceramic with tsavoriteGarnets It’s by Jeffrey Bilgore and I believe it’s amazing.

Named the “Shrine” ring, this 18 K white & & yellow gold ring by Raja Mehta of AG Gems focuses a 5.13 ct blue sapphire and is accentuated with blue sapphires and diamonds set around the face however likewise the whole time the setting and shank, with swirls of inscription.

The center sapphire is lovely, however it’s the inscription and the side stones that kill me.

 Essence bottle made by Dalan Gargrave of GemStarz Jewelry, featuring a 900 ct. Ametrine accented with Citrine and Chrome Diopside. Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

This transcendent vessel took top place in the items d’art classification of the 2022 SpectrumAwards


This remarkable essence bottle was made by Dalan Gargrave of GemStarz Jewelry and includes a jaw-dropping a 900 ct ametrine accentuated with citrine and chrome diopside. I hesitated to raise this one as much as picture it, so here it is sitting securely on a table.

Brenda Smith Jewelry 'Whimsy' necklace with a purple Launa Agate, Pearls, Tourmaline, and diamonds.

This is Brenda Smith Jewelry’s Whimsy locket. Isn’ t it creative? It includes a purple Laguna agate with pearls, tourmaline, and diamonds.

I understand I have actually stated this a number of times currently, however: here is another among my preferred 2022 AGTA Spectrum spinels. This one might really be my extremely preferred? Don’ t inform the others.

This is the “Elysian Red,” an 11.34 ct cushion-cut red Spinel ring in platinum with spinel and diamond accent stones. It’s by Chalmer’s Jewelers and I enjoy it passionately.

Just appearance at it. TAKE A LOOK AT IT. It’s a caught sundown. It’s a ever-burning coal. It shines like no one’s company. I can’t get enough.

White gold pendant with a 27.15 ct tricolor Tourmaline and baguette Diamonds (2.43 ctw.) Malissa Kuznicki, A Cutting Edge Gallery.  Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

How about this attractive, modern-day tourmaline locket? I enjoy its streamlined geometry and the center stone’s fascinating gradient of color.

This white gold pendant with a 27.15 ct tricolor tourmaline and baguette diamonds (2.43 ctw) is by Malissa Kuznicki of A Cutting Edge Gallery.

Did you acknowledge the center stone of this ring? That’s right: it’s meteorite. Yes, like from area.

This platinum ring is by Sheridan Conrad of A Jewelers’ Art and it includes a 4.20 ct hexagonal-cut Meteorite in gold, accentuated by white and colored diamonds. I enjoy its strength, its geometry, and its subtle color contrast.

18K yellow gold earrings with boulder Opal,  Tanzanite, and Diamonds. By Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry.  Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

I pointed out in PartOne that there were 2 sets of Pamela Froman earrings I enjoyed in the 2022 Spectrum Awards! Here’s second.

These swirling appeals are 18 K yellow gold earrings with stone opal, tanzanite, and diamonds; by Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry.

It isn’t the AGTA Spectrum Awards without some spectacular Paraiba tourmaline! Here are 2 extremely various Paraiba rings I fulfilled and enjoyed at the 2022 Spectrum Awards.

On the right, we have a gorgeous leviathan by Beatrix Laura Jessner of B & & WJewels It includes a 4.25 ct. Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline accentuated with 279 Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines. On the left is Dallas Price Designs’ 18 K white gold engagement ring with a 6.28 ct. Paraiba tourmaline accentuated with round and pear-shape diamonds.

14K rose gold and Tourmaline ring featuring blue and green Tourmalines (.89 ctw.), millgrain and engraving. By Cecile Raley Designs.  Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

And another tourmaline ring for excellent step! This one isn’t Paraiba, however it’s a comparable beautiful blue green color. This14 K increased gold and Tourmaline ring including blue and green Tourmalines (.89 ctw.), millgrain and inscription. By Cecile Raley Designs.

Another piece I genuinely enjoyed, including among my preferred stones: demantoid garnet. Isn’ t its lively green lovely because swirling yellow gold style?

This is the “Sacred Mandala” locket by NolanSponsler It’s a platinum and 18 K yellow gold pendant with demantoid garnets, blue sapphire, and diamonds, on a satisfyingly thick gold rolo chain. It was gone into in the menswear classification, however I believe a jewelry fan of any gender might rock this.

22K and 18K gold and platinum lily and butterfly brooch pendant with Quartz flowers, Opal butterfly. Sheridan Conrad, A Jewelers Art  Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

This lily pendant/brooch has a peaceful beauty that feels nearly poetic. I enjoy the texture of the gold and the transparency of the flowers.

It’s a by Sheridan Conrad of A Jewelers Art and includes a 22 K and 18 K gold and platinum lily with sculpted quartz flowers and an opal butterfly.

I hope you’re not tired of tourmaline yet, due to the fact that I have actually got a couple of more excellent ones to reveal you.

Thisbeauty is an 18 K gold and platinum ring with a 21.70 ct bi-color Tourmaline, diamonds, blue-green, sapphires, and lavender jade. It’s by Michael Tope ofRaintree I enjoy that touch of purple jade on the side. So thoughtful and unforeseen.

Uneek Jewelry's 'Serene Fauna' necklace with carved blue-green tourmaline and diamonds.  Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

This pendant includes among the most uncommonly cut stones in saw in any ended up piece of jewelry at the 2022 SpectrumAwards It’s Uneek Jewelry’s “Serene Fauna” locket, which includes a rectangle-shaped concave tartan sculpted blue-green tourmaline and diamonds.

These mixed drink rings are both by the beautiful Dallas Prince Jewelry, and both show the designer’s capability to produce jewelry that is as attractive as it is stylish.

On the left, is the Dallas Prince 18 K yellow gold “Inferno’ ring including a 6.35 ct oval Mandarin spessartite garnet accentuated with round diamonds (2.03 ctw.). On the right is a Dallas Prince 14 K white gold Glacier aquamarine ring with a 22.27 ct. octagon-shape aquamarine and with diamonds (.65 ctw.).

18K yellow gold face cufflinks by Brenda Smith Jewelry, with Tourmaline (3.30 ctw.), spessartite Garnet (2.00 ctw.) and Pearls. Seen at AGTA's 2022 Spectrum Awards.

And now for something total various … how about these cufflinks? They’re by Brenda Smith Jewelry and along with the faces, they include green tourmaline (3.30 ctw), spessartite garnet (2.00 ctw) and pearls in 18 k yellow gold.

This is the “Tree of Life” ring by Ellie Lee FineJewelry Its uncommon platinum setting has tactical openwork behind the gem to produce a partly-hidden tree shape that shows up through the center stone. This ring likewise includes a 1.98 ct sapphire with green-blue sapphire and diamond accents.

Remarkable mineral and fossils on display at the Arkenstone Fine Mineral Gallery in Dallas, TX.

I’ll leave you with one last picture of TheArkenstone’s treasures. Such a cool location!

Thank you a lot for joining me for this wrap-up of the treasures I saw at the AGTA’s 2022 Spectrum Awards!! If you want to return and see Part One of this wrap-up, please click on this link

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AGTA kindly looked after my travel costs for this journey, however my viewpoints stay my own.