Monstrous beauty: KIL NEW YORK CITY TerasCollection

Let’s speak about beasts, my beloveds. Monsters bite, they wriggle, they go bump in the night– and they’re the motivation for KIL New York City’s fascinating brand-new release, the Teras Collection

This charming collection is a homage to the haunting, beautiful beasts of ancient Greek folklore and I’m so thrilled to take a more detailed take a look at it with you!

The Harpy cuff bracelet in silver from KIL NYC's Teras Collecton, which is inspired by monsters from Greek mythology.

The concept for the Teras Collection pertained to KIL New York City’s Konstantinos Leoussis in a dream, and isn’t that simply the best start for this story? Chimera, Harpies, Minotaurs, Gorgons, Hydras and more comprise the clawed, winged, scaly, strange and definitely attractive topic. After months of research study, modifications, test pieces, and soul-searching, the Teras collection is here and it is remarkable.

Above is the KIL NEW YORK CITY Harpy cuff, which is not an animal I ever anticipated to feel a connection to … however take a look at its face! There’s something a bit unfortunate in its emotional eyes, a stimulate that draws me in. With this baddy on your wrist, you ‘d constantly have a strong guardian standing by to safeguard you.

The Lenerian Hydra pendant from the Teras Collection by KIL NYC. Inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

This is the Lenerian pendant, a homage to the multi headed Hydra that Hercules was entrusted to kill as part of his twelve jobs. Look at the information on the scales and teeth! And yes, KIL New York City’s site offers the mythological backstory of every animal included in the collection.

You might acknowledge Konstantinos Leoussis’ name due to the fact that we just recently discussed the opposite of the KIL New York City designer’s company, which concentrates on antique jewelry sales and education Leoussis’ familiarity with antique jewelry makes itself understood in the complex information of these pieces. The develops seem like they inhabit a liminal area in between previous and present, mixing ancient motivation with contemporary style and a thorough awareness of archeological revival jewelry from other ages.

Rings from KIL NYC Teras Collection. Inspired by Greek mythology, these designs show Medusa, the Minotaur, and a Harpy.

Each of these in-depth gems is made completely by hand in New York City utilizing the lost wax casting procedure, which starts with Leoussis meticulously hand-carving each beast. KIL New York City is committed to utilizing ethical and sustainable practices in all of its production approaches, to the degree that even their product packaging is carbon unfavorable and utilizes eco-friendly ink made from algae.

Not just does KIL New York City’s Teras Collection use us mythological characters seldom memorialized in jewelry, it does so with an open mind, imbuing the functions of each beast with such accuracy and heart that we’re required to question if folklore may have unjustly damned these complex, interesting beings.

Pictured above: the Teras Collection’s Medusa, Minos, and Harpy rings.

The Argus medallion and Argus eye stud earrings from KIL NYC's Teras Collection.

WhenKonstantinos connected to me to blog about this collection, it was no pedestrian call or e-mail. Instead, I got a box of jewelry with a note that presented the collection and after that generally stated “I hope you like these! If you do, let’s talk soon.”

What was really best was that I really missed out on Konstantinos’s note the very first time I opened the bundle, so I had the ability to experience the TerasCollection pieces for the very first time without any previous expectations. I unwrapped the tissue paper and found small ruby and diamond eyes winking up at me from lavish gold settings. The style was fascinating, an interesting pattern that exposes itself to be eyes just when you get closer to it. The jewelry instantly provided me a sensation of sanctuary: immediately I understood that these were talismans, pieces I would grab when I was having a difficult day and desired peace of mind or defense.

I was advised of the mythological figure Argus, however it was just after I ‘d opened all of packages and was using my brand-new jewelry that I discovered the note from Konstantinos, discussing the collection’s motivation. It energized me that my own impressions of the collection had actually been such an area on match for the designer’s intent. I could not wait to see more.

The Chimera cuff bracelet in silver or in gold with rubies and emeralds. From KIL NYC's Teras Collecton, which is inspired by Greek mythology.

Available in a cuff bracelet or ring, this style represents the Chimera, a fire breathing beast from Greek folklore. A lion with the body and head of a lion, the head of a goat, and with a snake tail killed by Bellerophon.

You’ll see the Chimera cuff is displayed in 2 various designs. One of the coolest and most uncommon aspects of the KIL NEW YORK CITY Teras Collection is that each piece can be purchased in sterling silver, 18 K gold plate, or ultra luxe strong 14 K gold. Many styles have optional gems, if you desire your beast to have radiant ruby eyes or blue-green accents.

The series of alternatives indicates that the Teras Collection begins under $200 for the tiniest pieces in silver. It’s so uncommon to discover a jewelry collection that uses this sort of versatility, that makes owning these treasures possible for a vast array of jewelry fans.

The Arrows of Hercules pendant from KIL NYC's Teras Collection, which is inspired by Greek mythology

KIL New York City developed the Arrows of Hercules pendant from silver scraps that they had in the studio to utilize as psychic armor. After slaying the Lenerian Hydra (which we saw above), Hercules skillfully dipped his arrows in its toxin, which later on made it possible for his arrows to kill another beast, the famous Stymphalian birds. This is the only piece in the Teras Collection that does not reveal a figural beast.

Like much of KIL New York City’s pieces, a portion of the sales for the Arrows of Hercules pendant benefits a specific charity. For this piece, that charity is 22Until None, a company that is committed to seasoned suicide avoidance.

Serpent hook from KIL NYC Teras Collection. In sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14K gold. Such a great connector piece or charm holder!

The tiniest however maybe the most flexible piece from the Teras Collection: the Scaly Serpent hook. Longtime KIL New York City fans and antique jewelry lovers will comprehend the limitless capacity of this sort of port piece. Wear it as a pendant, as a chain extender, as a method to hold beauties– this is a foundation in addition to a masterpiece.

I own this piece’s predecessor from an earlier KIL New York City collection ( see it on IG here) and I enjoy love enjoy it.

The silver Arrows of Hercules pendant from KIL NYC's Teras Collection, which is inspired by Greek mythology.

I have another surprise for you: a discount rate!! If you have actually fallen for KIL New York City’s beautiful beasts, you can utilize voucher code DIAMONDSINTHELIBRARY10 to take 10% off your purchase.

Whether you think that beasts are truly hiding in the shadows or you see them as a metaphor for the covert corners of the human soul, you need to confess that they’re interesting– and absolutely beautiful in KIL New York City’s Teras Collection.

There’s more to enjoy, so go inspect everything out on the KIL New York City site and let me understand which beast is your preferred! Click here to see our KIL New York City archive

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