Moissanite vs. Diamond: What’s the Difference?

What isMoissanite?

Moissanite is a gems born from the stars. It was very first found in 1893 by a French researcher called Henri Moissan, who later on won the Nobel Prize inChemistry He found tiny particles of the gem that would ultimately bear his name in Arizona, in a crater produced by a meteorite that was up toEarth He at first believed that he had actually found diamonds, however later on figured out that the crystals were made up of silicon carbide.

Natural moissanite is extremely unusual, so moissanite offered today is laboratory-created. After several years of experimentation, the particles Moissan found were effectively manufactured to produce what is now among the world’s most scintillating gems.

Moissanite, described as a diamond simulant, is crafted to offer the impression of resemblance to diamonds, however is compositionally and aesthetically rather various from a genuine diamond. The resilience, radiance, and color of the 2 gems are rather unique. One typical residential or commercial property of both diamonds and moissanites is that they are both excellent thermal conductors.