Moissanite Engagement Rings & Jewellery Launched

Moissanite now offered throughout the Serendipity Diamonds jewellery collection

Have you became aware of Moissanite? Well, previously this month, we presented an amazing brand-new StarlightMoissanite gems choice for jewellery.

StarlightMoissanite fits completely into our ethical jewellery styles– offered in a variety of sizes and shapes.

2 carat moissanite

2-carat Starlight Moissanite 8.5 mm in size (Photo credit: author)

But why pick Moissanite over a diamond?

To response this concern, you need to think about the advantages ofMoissanite Moreover, without entering into the science of Silicon Carbide (keeping things easy) the advantages consist of:

Durability Moissanite provides a difficult, hardwearing gems comparable to diamond.

Sparkle With a greater refractive index (sorry– some science) to diamond, Moissanite sparkles with strength and more fire than a diamond.

Affordability Moissanite is more affordable than diamond (consisting of natural or lab-grown diamond alternatives.

Ethical SyntheticMoissanite, grown in a lab deals 100% ethical requirements.

Why pick a Moissanite engagement ring?

Browse online and find the number of bride-to-bes fall for their Moissanite engagement ring Furthermore, lots of value their partner picked an ethical choice without breaking the bank. Moreover, a big 1-carat or 2-carat Moissanite solitaire ring looks outstanding at a comparable expense to a little diamond ring.

Rose gold moissanite engagement ring

3 carat Rose Gold Moissanite engagement ring– ₤1600 at the time of this short article

Why did we present Starlight Moissanite?

We presented Starlight Moissanite with great factor. Beyond the ethical requirements of this gems, Starlight Moissanite represents another best choice for our customers. We aim to make every choice offered. Furthermore, we look for options using fantastic worth, beauty and resilience.

A basic solitaire engagement ring style from our display room, set with a 1-carat StarlightMoissanite Price guide ₤800– ₤900 in Platinum.

How to purchase a Moissanite engagement ring?

Owing to the current launch of Starlight Moissanite, we have actually couple of styles established and all set to purchase online. For this factor, we suggest picking a style prior to calling us for a quote. In addition to this ethical gems, we provide an option of ethical rare-earth elements. For example, 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold

Do we offer Moissanites to other jewellers?

Yes, we offer Moissanites to other jewellers. In addition, we provide assistance in the kind of details and photographic resources. Starlight Moissanites offered loose, consist of stunning discussion boxes and product packaging.

Loose Moissanite Packaging

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