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ManyChampionship Rings on Ebay Are Moving Slowly

May 8, 2019

Poking around eBay, I see a number of the champion rings have actually been on that site for a long time and are not offering:

championship rings for sale on ebay

If auction-house sales are a sign, then high-end champion rings, (and the finest and rarest examples of sports souvenirs) offering rates are heading upwards.

However, run of the mill, or more typical antiques in this market location (such as B-level or C-level) products are not climbing up the exact same method.

There are lots of pricey champion rings on ebay for sale, each and every day. And a few of them have actually been on that website for several years.

A couple of months back, I discussed this spectacular champion ring for sale on eBay (image listed below). The seller was asking a great deal of cash, however with deals being accepted, I believed this Patriots Super Bowl ring would offer.

championship rings for sale on ebay

Well nearly 3 months later on, it’s still on the website for sale. The champion ring is smaller sized than the gamer’s variation, and the offering is not made from strong gold and genuine diamonds. This specific champion ring suits the classification of a B level or C level ring, and my theory that the run of the mill or more typical antiques are not increasing in rates the method the best-of-the-best is.

ThatPatriots ring was included in this blog site inFebruary Here is a link to that story:

I still think the Patriots ring revealed above, and a few of the other champion rings on eBay are preferable antiques. Perhaps the sellers eventually will customize their market price to show the slower market.

Meanwhile as constantly, please remember I purchase champion rings. If you wish to offer your champion rings in total personal privacy, please call me.

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