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ManArrested Selling Stolen Super Bowl Rings at ‘Pawn Stars’ Store

July20, 2019

A hotel employee was apprehended attempting to offer Redskins- gamer Mark May’s 2 Super Bowl rings at the Gold & &(************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )in Las Vegas:

stolen redskin super bowl rings recovered at pawn stars pawn shop

Championship ring lovers all understand the TELEVISION program“Pawn Stars” That program is no complete stranger to champion rings. Rick the owner of the real-life pawn store has several champion rings that are on screen and “for sale”.

I put the words for sale in quotes due to the fact that the rate on these rings are rather high. That method, they hardly ever offer, and stay on screen. Tourists to the shop love to take images of those champion rings.

The program has actually done many sections of individuals generating champion rings to attempt to offer. Some of those episodes have actually been covered throughout the years on this blog site.

MarkMay lost his 2 Super Bowl rings while participating in a charity drive in Scottsdale,Arizona His 2 champion rings were later on found protected in his hotel space safe.

MarcelBehnert, who is (or need to I now state, was) a lead engineer at the hotel, took the products and informed other hotel personnel that he would return the products to May.

Instead,Behnert rapidly drove to Las Vegas and attempted to offer the 2 very bowl rings to quickly the most acknowledged pawn store on the planet.

The pawnbroker working that day felt something was off about Behnert and went to talk to store’s basic supervisor, Andy Zimmerman.

“I asked the pawnbroker how much the guy was looking for, and he told me the amount, and my first reaction was, ‘Each?’ And he goes, ‘No, for both of them,’”Zimmerman stated.

He advised the broker to return out and make a lower deal for the rings. When Behnert rapidly accepted the lower quantity, they understood something wasn’t right.

Zimmerman called their sports souvenirs specialist Diamond Don, who connected to May about the effort to offer his Super Bowl rings. Once confirmed that the very bowl rings did not truly come from Behnert, Zimmerman called the cops, and they established a sting operation to detain Behnert.

They informed him to come back to the shop the next day to offer the rings and he was apprehended by undercover officers. He was charged with theft and trafficking of taken residential or commercial property.

May was delighted that his products were discovered and he anticipates to have all of his products, consisting of those 2 very bowl rings returned quickly. He applauded the personnel at Gold & &(************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )for doing their due diligence and assisting bust Behnert.

Please keep in mind as constantly, I purchase champion rings. This story is a fantastic suggestion, I choose to handle initial owners of those rings. If you want to offer your champion ring in total personal privacy, please call me.

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