Luxury Jewellery Inspiration for October’s Birthstone

CelebratingOpal– the birthstone for October

October’s birthstone isOpal Subtle in beauty, varied in colour and best for October birthdays and anniversaries.

Owing to the variety of shapes, sizes and colours, we develop most Opal jewellery by bespoke style. To discuss, no 2 Opals are the very same. Furthermore, the colours differ from white to black with variations in orange from Fire Opals.

Fire opal and diamond halo ring

Example of a FireOpal and diamond halo ring— made by bespoke style at Serendipity Diamonds

What is Opal?

Opal types from an option of silicon dioxide and water. Water streams through the earth and gathers Silica from sandstone.

A Silica- abundant service falls under fractures and spaces, triggered by natural faults. As the water vaporizes, it leaves a silica deposit. Over an extended period of time, Opal types.

Platinum opal cluster ring - October's Birthstone

Example of a re-created AntiqueOpal and diamond ring Antique style with elaborate back. From the BespokeOpal ring collection produced by the group at SerendipityDiamonds

Where is Opal mined?

October’s birthstone Opal originates from various nations. These consist of Australia, Ethiopia Mexico and U.S.A.. In addition, from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil and Indonesia.

Octobers Birthstone - Opal pendant in 18ct Yellow Gold

OctoberBirthstone Gift Inspiration

BrandNew Opal Necklace and Matching Stud Earrings

Available to acquire individually.

Opal Necklace and Earrings

Brand brand-new for October 2021– opal and diamond stud earrings Crafted in 9ct Yellow Gold, each stud holds a Opal determining 4mm. The earrings show up by protected carrier in our present product packaging.

Also offered and in stock is our brand-newOpal pendant.Matching improving to the stud earrings, the pendant has actually likewise been crafted in 9ct YellowGold With a main Opal determining 5mm surrounded by contrasting diamonds.

Caring forOpal How fragile is October’s birthstone?

Opal’s strength can be referred to as bad to reasonable– 5-6.5 on Mohs scale of solidity. Most significantly, Opal does not react well to modifications in temperature level. For example, extreme heat can trend the surface area. Moreover, Opal does to reasonable well over time in dry conditions. For this factor, we suggest cleansing in a mild warm soapy water. Also, we recommend an Opal pendant or set of Opal earrings instead of an Opal ring

Opal rings typically get wear through damage whilst on the hand. Unlike rings, both pendants and earrings prevent comparable wear. For this factor, they are the best high-end present for an October birthday or anniversary.

Contact our friendly group for info on how to develop the best product of Opal jewellery.

Tourmaline– Octobers Second Birthstone

October’s typically recognized birthstone is theOpal However contrary to belief individuals born in this month are fortunate to have the addition ofTourmaline


WhatIs Tourmaline?

Tourmaline has a firmness of 7– 7.5 on the Mohs scale, with lots of tones of this uncommon, stunning gems offered, such as red, pink, greens, watermelon, brown, and yellow. Interestingly, this gems is among the only stones offered in numerous tones and colours. Therefore, making it a flexible gems with lots of alternatives offered to develop an unique jewellery product.

TourmalineEngagement Rings

TheCherryPink Tourmaline engagement ring bursts with lively colour from a natural Pink Tourmaline with an extreme dark pink colouration; the Tourmaline determines 4mm in size, with a carat weight of 0.25 cts or above.

Shown together with the bespoke cushion cut teal tourmaline ring, initially crafted with a 6 x 5mm, weighing 1.18 carats. In addition to fantastic white round fantastic diamonds, weighing 0.25 cts GVS colour and clearness.

Tourmaline engagement rings

Tourmaline’s chemical structure straight affects its physical residential or commercial properties and is accountable for its colour. Commonly consisted of aluminium and boron however consist of a mix of other aspects such as salt, lithium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, chromium, vanadium, fluorine and often copper.


Tourmaline– believed to recover a damaged heart, as it motivates love, carefully distributes psychological discomfort and liquifies disruptive sensations. It soothes the unfavorable feelings that distress relationships.

Also thought about an aphrodisiac, assisting individuals recognize when it is safe to like and when it is time to get rid of sadness or terrible memories.


In addition to tourmaline being offered in a large range of colours and tones, the watermelon tourmaline is likewise an incredibly popular alternative for this jewel.

As the name recommends, watermelon tourmalines include a red/pink centre with green colors around the sides. All coloured Tourmaline show pleochroism, suggesting the colour modifications significantly when seen at various angles.

In some Tourmaline gems, this impact is barely visible, while in others it is a strong contrast. The vibrantly coloured zones can likewise happen at either end of the gem.

watermelon tourmaline


Available from the loose gems area.
Highly uncommon tourmaline– due to the mint green shade and the elegant round cut of the stone itself. Weighing 3.78 cts and determining 9.8 mm in size x 6.9 mm in depth.

Available to acquire as a loose gems or for queries on a set and completed product of jewellery.

mint green tourmaline

PearTourmaline Pendant

Lastly, making an ideal present for October’s birthstone– Halo pear shape green tourmaline drop pendant.

Handcrafted in 9ct white gold, including a 1.95- carat natural green tourmaline pear-shaped gems.

Set within a pear-shaped halo of round fantastic cut diamonds, 0.30 carats in weight, graded F colour and VS clearness. The pendant includes within our private distinctive display room products of jewellery offered with quick shipment.

pear tourmaline necklace

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