Lots you’ve gotta see ASAP from Leslie Hindman’s April jewelry auction.

Good morning, my darlings! I am BACK…at least partly. We’ll see how it goes…you may hear from me more sporadically than usual while I sort out all of my health-related business.

I couldn’t let my health scare keep me from showing you the treasures I’m eyeing in Leslie Hindman’s upcoming April Important Jewelry sale! We’ve got some great entry-level priced beauties, some major league stunners, and even a Georgian Holy Grail piece that I think might start some fights.

A silver-topped gold, yellow sapphire, demantoid garnet, and diamond pendant necklace by Cooke & Kelvey, Calcutta.

Lot 41: A Silver Topped Gold, Yellow Sapphire, Demantoid Garnet, and Diamond Pendant, Cooke & Kelvey, Calcutta.

Could this necklace BE any prettier?

This beauty is silver-topped gold with yellow sapphires, demantoid garnet, and diamonds. The classically elegant silhouette with unexpected gemstones is utterly irresistible.

I wonder what color this piece would look best with? Blue, maybe? Purple?

A rare 18th century Carnival mask locket ring. This treasure features a secret compartment and the message 'SOVS LE MASQVE LA VERITE' which means 'Under the mask, the truth.'

Lot 1: An 18th Century Silver Topped Gold, Diamond and Polychrome Enamel ‘Carnival Mask’ Locket Ring.

This is lot #1 in Leslie Hindman’s April sale and also lot #1 in my heart.

The mask lifts to reveal a secret compartment and the back is emblazoned with the French message “SOVS LE MASQVE LA VERITE,” which Google tells me means “Under the mask, the truth.” Could that be any cooler?

This Carnival mask ring is lot 1 in the Leslie Hindman’s April sale and also lot #1 in my heart. These Carnival mask rings are a tribute to the 18th century’s luscious, sinful masquerade parties, at which privileged attendees wore domino masks and misbehaved until dawn.

Back view of a rare 18th century Carnival mask ring. This treasure features a secret compartment and reads 'SOVS LE MASQVE LA VERITE' which means 'Under the mask, the truth.'

I’ve only ever seen a couple of these, and touching rare jewelry is literally my job. I’ve never seen one with a message on the back, although apparently this ring in the British Museum has the same motto.

This piece is beyond special and I desperately want one of you to buy it so I can see it on your Instagram forevermore. This is a Holy Grail collectors’ item and I honestly cannot believe the estimate starts at $2,000.

Two stunning Edwardian pieces of jewelry! A diamond and platinum brooch and a pearl ring.

Lot 87: An Edwardian Platinum and Diamond Brooch.
Lot 85: An Edwardian Platinum, Mabe Pearl and Diamond Ring.

There’s nothing like pure, Edwardian loveliness. Both pieces are platinum, primarily neutral in color, and absolutely irresistible.

Doesn’t looking at these two just make you feel calm all over?

Faves under $1,000

I thought I’d try something a little different for this auction post! One of the reasons I love Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is that they always have an interesting variety of lots at different price points. Instead of just focusing on my favorite pieces overall, this last section is all about my favorite affordable pieces…the following lots all have auction estimates under $1,000, many under $500.

Two antique necklaces from the upcoming Leslie Hindman April Jewelry auction.

Lot 44: An antique silver and multigem necklace.
Lot 600: A Victorian gilt silver Bohemian garnet swag necklace.

A selection of my favorite Leslie Hindman Auction picks under $1,000Lot 641: A 14 Karat White Gold, Rock Crystal and Diamond Pendant/Necklace.
Lot 8: A Georgian, Garnet, Enamel and Seed Pearl Brooch.
Lot 43: An Edwardian Tricolor Gold and Amethyst Ring.
Lot 74: An Edwardian Platinum Topped Gold, Emerald and Diamond Toi et Moi Ring.
Lot 65: An Edwardian Platinum Topped 18 Karat Yellow Gold, Pearl and Diamond Ring.
Lot 365: An Egyptian Revival 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Faience Bead Scarab Brooch, R.H. Blanchard, Cairo.
Lot 937: A Platinum and Ruby Eternity Brand.

The Leslie Hindman April Important Jewelry sale is April 10th and 11th, with previews April 6th – 9th. This is only a small part of the goodies available, so go see the full catalog! You can register to bid right here.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.