Lemon Water’s Michelle Siman Wants to be a Different Kind of Health & Wellness Blogger

“You want to ask me what my favourite juice is? Sure, I’ll tell you. Am I spending $12 on that juice everyday? Hell no.”

Toronto- based Michelle Siman very first understood for LemonWater in2017 “At the time, health and wellness bloggers were all kind of the same,” she states in between sips of her almond decaf latte. “It was all very cookie-cutter, and I couldn’t see myself in the space. I felt like the conversations being had weren’t necessarily authentic. Like, straight up, these people were annoying to listen to. I realized I probably wasn’t the only person that feels this way.”

SoMichelle weighed her alternatives: she might begin a blog site, produce a You Tube channel, or, she might pool together her money, lease some recording devices and teach herself how to do a podcast. To test the idea, she introduced an Instagram state of mind board: believe initial tennis shoe, sweatsuits and citrus material interlaced with ’80 s Adidas advertisements and motivating quotes.

Her objective with the task was to make health achievable, rather than “this pretentious thing that not everyone can access.” Instagram- hyped fitness and health patterns do not come cheap, and she gets that. “You want to ask me what my favourite juice is?” she asks. “Sure, I’ll tell you. Am I spending $12 on that juice everyday? Hell no. There are so many things you can just make at home.”

But you will not discover Do It Yourself juicing and early morning healthy smoothie dishes on the LemonWaterInstagram page. Instead, you’ll need to head to Michelle’s individual account, @simansays, where she regularly shares snaps of her Chaga mushroom coffee, heavy metal detox shakes (perfect for ladies with copper IUDs) and, naturally, glasses of lemon water. Sometimes, she’ll publish a picture of a $12 juice. Usually, she’s IG storying a detailed celery juice tutorial.

“I had people messaging me asking why I use a blender to make celery juice. It’s simple: not everyone can dish out $200 on a juicer,”Michelle describes. “You make do with what you already have; there is no need to spend more money.”

Browsing through Michelle’s account, you may likewise encounter some fresh pasta pornography or a video of her dancing at the bar with her buddies. “Life without balance is not healthy,” she states, “that’s not what being well is. I’m not your common health blog writer due to the fact that when a month I’m gon na go out with my buddies and we’re going to down 7 tequila shots and have the very best time. Being delighted is a part of being well– and I believe that’s what the market kinda requires today. We do not require more individuals preaching an intimidatingly unattainable way of life. Because those health experts you see on Instagram are most likely taking shots with their buddies too, they’re simply selecting not to share that.”

Michelle is an uncommon type of influencer that isn’t always thinking about affecting her audience. Instead, she wishes to leave space for those in her neighborhood to do their own research study and make their own choices prior to getting on a health pattern. She wishes to advise individuals that supplements like “vitamins are not one size fit all, you need to talk to your doctor before trying new things.”

So, rather of pitching items, she’s produced an area for continuous discussion. And the very best location to talk, it ends up, is a podcast. With LemonWater, Michelle welcomes the ladies whose DMs she typically moves into for suggestions– like StephGee of Gee Beauty, HanaJames of Greenhouse Juice and SaraPanton of vitruvi— to speak with her about all things physical fitness, food, skin care, solutions and routines. “I’m just having conversations with women who are already my healers; people I looked up to in the industry. These people are already educating, I just want to have a more wholesome, authentic conversation with them. With the podcast, I was just letting other people eavesdrop on the conversation.”

SeasonTwo of Lemon Water is offered now on Apple Podcasts