Larkspur & Hawk’s Luiza influenced by antique Portuguese gems

Larkspur & &Hawk’s creator and designer, Emily Satloff, likes antique jewelry as much as we do– and I do not state that gently, my beloveds.

Her newest release, Larkspur & &Hawk‘sLuizaCollection, is a tribute to one specific classification of antique jewelry, a design and origin that makes most collectors of 18 th century designs weak at the knees: antique Portuguese gems.

The Luiza cushion oval necklace by Larkspur & Hawk

The usage of discreetly glittering, foiled-back gems is Larkspur & &Hawk’s visual signature. The strategy is really uncommon to discover in modern styles and it’s another indication of designer Satloff’s enthusiasm for mixing the special beauty of antique jewelry with modern-day style concepts to produce soft, romantic, absolutely extraordinary brand-new designs.

Look at the lavish, charming gems of the Luiza Collection– they radiance like dawn suffusing early morning mist. Gentle, inexorable, beautiful.

The Luiza Princesa Cluster Ring by Larkspur & Hawk. With lemon quartz, white quartz, and diamonds.

An devoted collector of 18 th century Portuguese jewelry, Satloff called her newest collection Luiza, which indicates “sparkling light” inPortuguese She is really clear that her objective is to reimagine, not replicate:

“Even if one wished to, it would be an useless job to try to recreate what some think to be the best examples of 18 th centuryjewelry As with much art from the past, its beauty and success stays in the hands of time, and initial, duration examples must continue to be searched for and appreciated.

However, as a designer and fan of history, it is believed provoking to admire particular elements of antique jewelry in my modern-day styles.”

If you require a pointer of what antique Portuguese jewelry appears like, please click on this link to see my Pinterest board on the classification here. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing.

The Luiza Royal Cluster Riviere Necklace by Larkspur & Hawk. With lavender moon quartz, yellow quartz, citrine, diamonds, and moonstone.

TheLuiza Collection is sensational. Softly radiant foiled gems provide a wide range of dreamy color mixes with foiled lemon quartz, foiled citrines, and foiled lavender moon quartz accentuated with diamonds, rainbow moonstones, sapphires and tsavorites for included vibrancy and shimmer.

The foiled lemon quartz looks like chrysoberyl, a preferred product in 18 th century Portuguese gems, while the foiled citrine looks like Imperial topaz and the foiled lavender moon quartz stimulates opaline glass. All influenced by the past, however utilizing its style aspects to produce something fresh and brand-new.

The Luiza Door Knocker earrings by Larkspur & Hawk

The pendants are the hero pieces (specifically the exceptionally easy-to-love cushion oval locket in the very first image above, which I’m passing away to own) however I really believe the earrings are going to be the most popular part of the collection.

Available in a variety of styles from easy dangling drops to Queen Anne- influenced clusters to big, vibrant hoops, any set of the Luiza Collection earrings are predestined to end up being a preferred in their future owner’s jewelry rotation. The dreaminess of the foiled gems is incomparably charming and appears lit from within, flickering with soft fairy luminescence in any setting.

Pink and purple colorways of the Larkspur & Hawk Luiza Collection jewels. With lavender moon quartz.

Just take a look at these carefully rainbowlike pinks and purples. If they do not contact us to your inner rock-collecting goblin self, I do not understand what to reveal you.

I have actually been a fan of Larkspur & &Hawk’s work for a long long period of time, however I have actually never ever composed an entire article about them previously. The Luiza Collection was so beautiful that I could not withstand! A worthwhile homage to a specific niche classification of antique jewelry that holds an unique location in much of our hearts.

What do you consider the Luiza Collection, my beloveds? Do the pendants contact us to you like they contact us to me, or is it the earrings that capture your eye?

Larkspur & Hawk's Luiza collection was inspired by antique Portuguese jewels

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Images c/o Larkspur & &Hawk