Kate Middleton contributed 7 inches of hair to charity

TheDuke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently understood for their psychological health advocacy, however that’s not where their goodwill ends.

A couple of months back, KateMiddleton contributed 7 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust— a charity that distributes real-hair wigs to kids who have actually lost their hair to disease.

TheSunday Express reported that the duchess contributed her hair while at the hair stylist, and it was passed along anonymously.

HelenCreese, a spokesperson for the charity, informed Metro: “It’s a complete surprise. Obviously we’re all absolutely delighted that she donated her hair, and we’re very grateful as well, just as we’re grateful to everyone who chooses to support the charity in this way, and so many people do.”

Kate Middleton gave her hair to The Little Princess Trust. (Photo: Getty)
KateMiddleton offered her hair to the Little PrincessTrust (Photo: Getty Images).

“We’re assuming that she might have sent the donation anonymously.”

Usually when individuals contribute their hair to the charity, they send it with their name and e-mail address connected, so the Little Princess Trust can thank them effectively.

However,Ms. Creese mentioned they do periodically get confidential contributions, and stated: “It’s such a selfless act anyway to donate your hair to help a sick child or young adult.”

The duchess isn’t the very first prominent contribution the charity has actually gotten. In 2016, One Direction’s HarryStyles sliced off his hair to be made into a wig.


AndJessie J notoriously shaved her hair back in 2013 for the very same charity.

ShaileneWoodley, who played cancer client Hazel Grace Lancaster in TheFault in Our Stars, shaved and contributed her hair to Children With Hair Loss, and AmandaSeyfried contributed hers to Locks for Love.

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